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Assault and Battery Claims for Injury

While you may think that assault and battery terminology is used only for those who are being arrested for a criminal offense, it also related to the simple fact that the victim of this event can pursue personal damages as well. Just as you would sue a person who injured you in a negligent car accident, so also do you have the right to purse financial compensation for a person who has intentionally harmed you in an assault.

Assault is the intentional act of causing harm or inflicting some form of injury on another person. Whether this is done by one or a group of people, if you were injured as a result of their intentional actions, you may be able to purse financial compensation. Battery, though different from assault, can still result in you pursing legal action for your suffering.

In the event you are a victim of assault or battery, not only can the defendant be looking at criminal charges for their actions from the law including penalties such as fines, jail time and probation; but they may be also facing civil liability claims in order to give financial recompense to the victim they attacked.

A victim of assault, with the help of their Raleigh personal injury lawyer, can determine to purse any of three forms of compensation from their attacker. First would be compensatory damages which will cover the medical costs, lost wages, and the like that are associated with the actual injury.

Next will be nominal damages which is essentially addressing the fact that the victims’ rights were in some way violated. Lastly there are punitive damages meaning that it will be more of a punishment for the defendant by way of hurting their wallet.

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