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Compensation for Semi-Truck Accidents

Compensation for Semi-Truck Accidents

When an accident involves a big rig, not only does this usually entail damage that is more catastrophic, but when it comes to collecting compensation from the at-fault driver(s), the injury claim is also more complex than when dealing with a typical car accident. But that does not always mean that it will be harder to collect compensation in these cases.

In fact, truck drivers have a long list of regulations to adhere to. This covers everything from how long a truck operator’s workweek can be, to how often the truck must be inspected and how much it can carry. If you can establish that an operator or owner failed to meet state and federal guidelines, then you may have a simple job of proving fault.

Also, because of the high risk a trucking accident presents to everyone on the road, drivers and owners of semi-trucks must carry a great deal of insurance. This means there is a greater chance that their policy limit will still be enough to cover all your damages, that is, your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

What If More than One Person Is at Fault?

But just because a big rig driver could be at fault for a crash, this does not mean that they are the only ones who caused the crash. Other people could be liable for your injuries as well, and not just other drivers either. Let’s take for instance, a truck driver who is fatigued, having worked too long a shift. But if a tire blows out and worsens the accident, the company that made those defective tires could also be on the hook for the crash. This can actually complicate matters, however, as it could slow down the injury claim process to have to determine how much each liable party owes you.

Unfortunately, when more than one person is liable, this could possibly mean that the defendants will point fingers at you and say you also shared blame for the accident. While in other states, this would simply reduce the amount of compensation you could collect, in North Carolina, if you contributed to your injuries, this immediately disqualifies you from collecting any compensation whatsoever. Thanks contributory negligence.

In North Carolina injury claims, proving fault is only part of the difficulty. The other difficulty can often be to protect yourself from underserved blame for the accident. You need strong legal counsel to ensure that you make the right choices, protecting your ability to collect an insurance settlement. Call the Whitley Law Firm today to start getting helpful advice, to see if you have a case, and to understand your rights in this situation. Start working with a trusted Raleigh personal injury lawyer from our firm to get the service you deserve!