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Choking Deaths Rise in U.S. Nursing Homes

Choking Deaths Rise in U.S. Nursing Homes

After an extensive investigation into the care being provided to nursing home residents in Hartford, Connecticut it has been decided that further training will need to be implemented for the staff of nursing home care facilities throughout the state, and perhaps throughout the nation for that matter as well. Particularly when it comes to disabled people in elder care facilities, there seems to be too many deaths related to choking that are occurring with a frequency that is more than unsettling for the residents, friends and family of several nursing homes nationwide.

C. Valdambrini, aged 82, is one of the most recent to lose her life due to choking. In an incident that occurred on March 6 th of this year, Ms. Valdambrini choked on two marshmallows that were provided to her by a visitor of the facility against regulations.

Sitting in front of the nurse’s station in her wheelchair, Ms. Valdambrini choked to death as unqualified staff were unable to perform the proper medical procedures necessary to prevent the choking from causing death. The nurse on duty was fired and the nursing home was fined by industry regulators for not following proper protocol for residents on highly restricted diets.

The unfortunate situation that claimed the life of Ms. Valdambrini is one that is being seen in several nursing home facilities across the board. J. McGaughey, the executive director of the Office of Protection & Advocacy for People with Disabilities has suggested that choking deaths are on the rise in institutional settings.

As such, the agency’s Fatality Review Board has issued recommendations on how to more securely protect people from this fate, thereby improving the system. Unfortunately, no matter what new procedures and protocols are implemented, they will not take away from the fact that too many have already wrongfully lost their lives in choking accidents of every nature.

In the case that a choking incident has already taken place and fatality or serious injury resulted, you can take legal action on behalf of your loved one. Under the direction of an associate at our firm, you can feel more confident in your ability to effectively address cases of this nature, taking deliberate steps to ensure that the life of whoever was harmed is vindicated appropriately.

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