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Newton Nursing Home Waited to Report Abuse

Newton Nursing Home Waited to Report Abuse

This week, news stations picked up on a report that a Newton nursing home facility did not tell families that their relatives had suffered sexual abuse from another resident, not until nearly a week later. Because of this reported abuse and the delayed notice, state officials are joining local police to investigate the facility.

In this case, a staff member is said to have seen a male resident grope a female resident. The male resident, reported as having mental impairment, is said to have assaulted three residents that day, April 17. It took an investigation to realize that the leadership, including the facility administrator, knew immediately about the reported abuse.

Tuesday, June 3, the facility gave a statement that said staff was addressing the changes that needed to be made, not only to provide swift notice to families, but to prevent abuse from ever taking place.

So why did the nursing home staff wait to tell the families? According to the nursing home, they had to check that the reports were reliable. That doesn’t satisfy the upset families, of course, who wish they could have been at their loved ones’ sides right away to provide the support they urgently needed.

Investigators are continuing with their search, and officers reported that the accused resident is no longer at that facility. The investigation is scrutinizing how the nursing home handled the situation, as well the accused resident’s culpability. Once investigators have finished, the case will be brought to the district attorney to handle.

Whenever a nursing home fails a resident and his or her family by not providing expected care, protection, and service, a lawsuit could be an option, whatever the type of breach was involved. If a loved one has suffered neglect or abuse at a nursing home, find out how you can assert his or her rights when you call the Whitley Law Firm.

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