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North Carolina Becomes First State to Sue E-Cigarette Company JUUL

North Carolina Becomes First State to Sue E-Cigarette Company JUUL

JUUL is an electronic cigarette company that has taken over the e-cigarette industry in recent years, representing nearly 55% of the market. While supporters argue that JUUL products may be a safer alternative to smoking, many people believe that JUUL has been targeting minors in order to boost their profits.

NC Attorney General Joshua Stein Files Suit

North Carolina Attorney General Joshua Stein has officially filed a lawsuit against JUUL, alleging that the company violated the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act by intentionally marketing its product to children and providing misleading information to the public regarding its risks. North Carolina wants JUUL to stop selling e-cigarettes to minors and limit the available flavors. Additionally, the state wants JUUL to immediately stop marketing campaigns that may be appealing to minors and delete customer data for anyone the company cannot prove is at least 18.

The company’s fruit-flavored products have been a large point of controversy. JUUL says that adding fruity flavors to their products makes it easier for smokers to make the switch to e-cigarettes, but many people argue that this only makes them more appealing to youth.

Evidence in Support of North Carolina’s Claims

There is evidence available to support North Carolina’s claim. For example, e-cigarette use by high schoolers has increased by 894% since 2011. Additionally, one-in-four high schoolers who have used JUUL cite the availability of fruit flavors as a reason why they started using the product. Even the surgeon general has released a statement on the use of e-cigarettes among youth, citing it as an epidemic and warning parents and teachers about the risks.

Although North Carolina is the only state so to challenge JUUL in court, many others are starting to take action and fight the issue through legislation. Some states are raising the legal age to purchase tobacco related products to 21, and some locales, such as San Francisco, are hoping to ban e-cigarettes all together.

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