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Nationwide Study Says N.C. Nursing Homes Fall Woefully Short

Nationwide Study Says N.C. Nursing Homes Fall Woefully Short

An advocacy group, Families for Better Care, conducted the very first nationwide survey of nursing homes, grading states according to they measured up in eight different areas. You can see the state reports here. The good news is, North Carolina nursing homes merited a “B” for how few facilities had severe deficiencies, and for its higher than average health inspections. It goes downhill from there though.

In the other six categories, North Carolina nursing homes received a “D” or an “F”, reflecting an abysmal record of poor staffing policies and the sub-par quality of many facilities. In all, North Carolina nursing facilities ended up with a grade total of “D”, placing 37th in the nation. This means that almost every state that is worse than North Carolina got a failing grade. Not much of a passing grade.

Here is how that grade breaks down. First off, 90 percent of all nursing homes in the state were reported for deficiencies. Facilities scored a “D” in this measure. Nursing homes received an “F” and a “D” in two staffing criteria, including the amount of time that staff spends with each resident on a daily basis. The number of hours that nurses spend with residents received a “D” grade as well, and North Carolina got an “F” for the number of nursing staff at each home.

Finally, nursing homes got another “D” for the amount of ombudsman complaints that were confirmed. This means there were a high number of reports substantiated about neglect, abuse, deficient care, and more.

As this is a statewide grade, not every nursing home will have the same amount of failures, but all too often, families find that the facilities to which they entrusted the care of a loved one have failed them. Sometimes this manifests itself in neglect, such as in failing to administer daily medicine, or even in cases of abuse. If a loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect, then you have every right to go after those who are responsible.

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