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Sketchers Shape-Ups Face Lawsuits for Severe Fracture Injuries

We have all heard about Sketchers Shape-Ups, the shoes that are allegedly supposed to help users walk better, support their back and help their posture, as well as tone their legs. With many users choosing to invest in this product, there is now a growing concern that these shoes don’t actually measure up to the standard that has been advertised, after all. According to recent reports, numerous lawsuits are being filed against Sketchers for these specific shoes because victims are claiming that they are experiencing stress fractures as a result of wearing this product.

The safety concerns with these shoes before the court claim that the product is a health risk for users, and the dangers of the product far outweigh the benefits that are offered to the consumers. Not only that, the lawsuit also describes that the product misrepresented the product to the public, and that the shoes do little to tone those who wear them. NBC News shared a breaking news story that discussed the fact that ads for Sketchers Shape-Ups were deceptive, and as a result they were fined $40 million by the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC discovered that Sketchers lied about the research and clinical studies done on the product, therefore providing false claims to potential clients. While the company naturally denied all claims placed against them, the FTC found enough evidence that they were in fact falsely advertising their shoes.

Countless reports have been sent into the Consumer Product Safety Commission claiming that the toning shoes are actually causing severe injuries, many more reports than any other shoe product report they have received. According to reports about the recent lawsuits that were filed, many of the consumers claimed that after wearing the shoes for half a year are experiencing fractures in both their lower legs and feet from the defective product design.

Many of the complaints state that the patients were required to wear casts or boots from their injuries for months on end after wearing the toning shoes, and in some cases they were forced to take time off of work for an extended period of time due to their injuries.

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