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How a Spinal Cord Injury Can Affect Your Life

When a person suffers a serious injury due to a fall, car accident or an accident at work, it is strongly advised to seek medical help, even if you do not think that the injuries are serious immediately. Some types of injuries do not show right away, and will not be discovered until it is too late.

Spinal cord injuries are usually not that type of injury.

In many cases, a person who suffers a spinal cord injury, the outcome is almost immediately tragic. Many spinal cord injuries lead to damages to other body parts, including the brain or the extremities. In cases where a spinal cord injury affects the brain may not be immediately present. Brain injuries are very serious, and do not surface for days in some cases.

When the injury to the spinal cord affects the extremities, on the other hand, the evidence of the injury is quite obvious.

With many spinal cord injuries, any type of severe damage to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis for an accident victim. Paralysis is a serious and lifelong injury that can have debilitating effects on a person aside from the obvious ones.

After a person is paralyzed, it is often unlikely that they will be able to walk again or use their paralyzed limbs. This can have an effect on this person’s personal and professional life.

If your loved one has been affected by any type of spinal cord injury or brain injury in the state of North Carolina, talk to a Raleigh personal injury lawyer immediately.

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