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Talking with Insurance Companies: The Dos and Don’ts

After sustaining injuries in any type of car accident or personal injury accident, it is important to understand the rights that you have. You will have the right to recover personal injury compensation through the “at-fault” party’s insurance company if you are able to prove that their negligent actions led directly to your injuries and that you were in no way at fault.

Sometimes this can get difficult to prove, especially in cases without witnesses. You will need to rely on the legal expertise of a personal injury lawyer.

Here at the Whitley Law Firm, the legal team truly understands how to correctly handle personal injury claims and how to maximize your chances of finding a positive outcome in the case.

First and foremost, the team urges you to never talk directly to the insurance company without your attorney’s permission. The insurance company has likely been in business for years, and this is, after all, just a business to them; they are interested in saving as much money as possible.

The insurance company may try to contact you before you have obtained legal representation. It is important that you do not speak with them or accept a settlement; there is a high possibility that this amount will not cover the extent of your damages.

Your attorney will then begin an investigation on your accident, whether it was a truck accident, motorcycle accident, work-related accident or a premises liability case. After collecting enough information, we will bring the argument to the insurance company and fight for a fair settlement on your behalf.

From here on out, you can rely on your personal injury attorney while you rest and recover at your own leisure. To learn more about the dos and don’ts of a personal injury claim and dealing with insurance companies, please contact our Raleigh personal injury attorney today.