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Trampoline Accidents Pose Real Danger to Children

As parents, we love watching our children had a good time. Whether it is playing sports outside with the neighbors, rolling around in the grass and dirt, or playing hide and seek; we want to see our children be happy. Another common activity known for bringing children and teenagers great joy is a trampoline. However, trampolines have potential to cause severe injuries if broken, improperly used, or the kids are left without supervision.

Believe it or not, there are over 1 million trampolines throughout the United States being used in homes and recreational locations. Studies do show that accidents and injuries are much more common on trampolines than the majority of child toys.

Trampoline injuries are often caused by having too many kids jumping at one time; therefore exceeding the weight limit the trampoline can carry. Even if the proper weight is on the device, there is a chance that injuries will occur if the trampoline was not assembled properly or if there are faulty parts that are broken or missing.

While some injuries to happen on the trampoline itself, in many cases the injuries are a result of falling off of the device onto the ground underneath. Half of the injuries caused from trampoline accidents are fractures, though estimates show that 12 percent of injuries are much more serious including spinal cord damages.

If your child was injured on a trampoline at another family’s home, or at a recreational center, there is a possibility the liability may rest with the adults who field to properly supervising the activities. Concerns with the liability of the property owner are a natural response, so if your child has been injured, contact the Whitley Law Firm today to discuss the situation.

By contacting our firm we can help you determine whether another party was negligent which led to the injury of your child, and help you seek the financial compensation you may need to cover the associated costs. Give us a call today to begin discussing the best course of action for you.