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Whitley Law Launches Website Helping North Carolina Recover

Whitley Law Launches Website Helping North Carolina Recover

Whitley Law Firm, along with attorney J.R. Whaley, attorney Tom L. Young, and attorney James Crouse, have joined forces to help individuals in North Carolina who have suffered at the hands of Hurricane Matthew by launching the informative website NorthCarolinaFloodClaims.com.

In its wake, Hurricane Matthew caused over $1.5 billion in damages to more than 100,000 homes, businesses, and government facilities across the state, leaving many people overwhelmed and wondering where to turn after such a tragedy.

Whitley Law Firm, in collaboration with dedicated attorneys from North Carolina and surrounding states, have decided to stand up for the people of North Carolina and assist them in recovering the damages they so justly deserve.

At NorthCarolinaFloodClaims.com, individuals can learn more information about the benefit of legal representation when facing insurance companies after such a catastrophic disaster. With free, attorney led community meetings, individuals can hear advice and expectations for what to expect in terms of legal next steps. People can learn the ins and outs of insurance claims, and how certain insurance companies will attempt to undercut their clients.

Whitley Law Firm stresses that using an appraiser outside the one hired by the insurance company can prove extremely beneficial in terms of the sum of the recovery settlement.

With Whitley Law Firm and their associated attorneys, an individual can be certain that they are getting the best legal representation for their particular case. It is important for individuals to feel that they are being protected from their insurance companies, who will almost always either refuse to pay out a claim, or severely undervalue how much an individual should get in damages.

Consultations with an attorney are free, and the dedicated attorneys of Whitley Law Firm are available to assist any and all victims of Hurricane Matthew with settling a claim that treats individuals like more than just a claim number.

The experience that Whitley Law Firm and their partnered attorneys bring to people affected by Hurricane Matthew is invaluable. Anyone who is currently in a situation where they are feeling lost and unsure of where to turn next should visit northcarolinafloodclaims.com in order to get some guidance as to what their next steps should be.

Do not let an insurance company fool you into thinking you deserve less than you are entitled to. When visiting NorthCarolinaFloodClaims.com, you can fill out an application form to contact an attorney today, or reach out by phone at 252-523-3000.