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What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Dozens of Brian Centers in North Carolina, which are local nursing home facilities owned by Sava Senior Company, are currently under siege from lawsuits as family members contend that their loved ones were severely, even fatally neglected. Juries have already ruled against Sava Senior Care in multiple lawsuits, awarding families hundreds of thousands of dollars, reports

Nursing home abuse and neglect are prevalent problems countrywide, and if someone believes that they have uncovered signs such inexcusable actions, they need to know how to act. If you need to know what the signs of nursing home abuse are, you can find that information elsewhere on our site. Here is what to do if you see these signs or are told about instances of abuse or neglect.

  • You want to find evidence to corroborate an elder resident’s account and/or your suspicions. If a resident is reporting that there has been abuse, make sure that you understand them correctly. Interview other residents who can speak lucidly. Look at medical records and/or take pictures of any injuries or medications.
  • If you have real reason to be concerned for a resident’s safety, then you may want to get them out of that nursing home right away.
  • Report to the district attorney or the police.
  • Go to social services, adult protective services, or elder protective services to file a complaint.
  • Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to learn about your legal options. You may be able to file a lawsuit to pursue justice on a relative or friend’s behalf.

If you suspect that there has been abuse or neglect in a North Carolina nursing home, you can find the legal advocates you need at the Whitley Law Firm. Our Raleigh personal injury attorneys have more than three decades of experience; find out how our legal team may be able to help you when to call our firm today at 704-461-1621.