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What Types of On-The-Job Illnesses are Compensable?

When you are involved in an accident or a hazard at work causes you to fall ill, you will need seasoned legal guidance to help you find the compensation that you so rightfully deserve.

Workers’ compensation cases are quite tricky, and many benefits get denied when an individual chooses to forego the assistance of a workers’ compensation lawyer.

At the Whitley Law Firm, the legal team is here to provide you with valuable information as to the types of illnesses that are eligible to obtain workers’ comp benefits.

The following are situations in which an occupational disease is compensable:

  • If a condition unique to the occupation is the cause of the disease;
  • The employee contracts the disease during employment at the jobsite;
  • An occupational hazard has presented a danger of the disease; and
  • The occurrence of diseases is substantially higher in the presence of the occupation than in public.

An occupational disease is defined as an illness that is peculiar to or characteristic of a particular trade, occupation, employment or process. It excludes all diseases that are common in public, except for those cases in which the occurrence of the disease is much higher in that specific occupation.

To learn more about workers’ compensation cases and on-the-job illnesses that are eligible for compensation, contact one of our Raleigh workers compensation attorneys┬átoday!