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A side-impact or “T-bone” collision can cause devastating injuries to both drivers and passengers due to the lack of protection that individuals have from the side of a vehicle. When negligence leads to a side-impact crash, though, injured victims may be entitled to recover compensation for their losses. A Cary side-impact car accident lawyer could represent your interests and seek damages on your behalf when you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a collision.

The consequences of any severe injury in a motor vehicle accident can be substantial, such as high medical bills, lost income due to an inability to work, and permanent disabilities. Working with an experienced attorney may be instrumental in obtaining compensation for these losses and working toward recovery for the physical and emotional trauma that you may have sustained.

Severe Injuries in T-Bone Cases

Although the invention of side airbags and stronger vehicle frames have helped protect vehicle occupants from injuries in T-bone collisions, individuals still can sustain significant damages in these accidents. In a front or rear-end crash, vehicle occupants have the protection of the engine block or trunk to bear some of the impact of the crash before it reaches them inside. A side-impact collision, however, may leave only a door between the passenger and the oncoming vehicle.

In side-impact crashes, individuals also may suffer injuries when a portion of the oncoming vehicle pierces the side of the vehicle in which they are riding. A driver or passenger may endure lacerations, internal injuries, and other types of catastrophic injuries such as head trauma, broken bones, pelvic injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

The location of a person relative to the point of impact in a T-bone crash also affects the nature and extent of their injuries. Occupants riding in both the front and rear of the vehicle may experience fewer injuries if the oncoming vehicle strikes from the opposite side.

However, if a car strikes the side of the vehicle closest to where occupants are seated, the resulting injuries may be significantly worse. A Cary side-impact car accident attorney could assess the injuries of any victims involved and evaluate how much compensation they may be able to pursue based on the severity of their injuries.

Common Causes of T-Bones

Side-impact car wrecks occur most often at intersections, and various situations may give rise to T-bone collisions. Side-impact accidents commonly occur when drivers:

  • Run red lights and stop signs
  • Speed and fail to yield the right of way
  • Operate their vehicle impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Use their cell phone while driving

Excessive fatigue and reckless driving can all contribute to side-impact car accidents as well. When a driver violates traffic laws or drive in an unsafe manner, injured victims may be able to hold them responsible for their negligence. Through a personal injury claim, a side-impact car wreck lawyer in Cary could assist an injured party with seeking damages to compensate them for their injuries.

Speak with a Cary Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney Today

Significant injuries sustained in a T-bone crash can result in permanent impairments that can impact your ability to work and the overall quality of your life. When such a devastating accident occurs, you may want to consider filing a civil lawsuit against the negligent driver.

A Cary side-impact car accident lawyer could work with you to determine the viability of your claim and collect the evidence necessary to support your case. Consult with a legal professional for advice to protect your rights and explore your legal options.