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While many dogs are not violent, the careless or reckless behavior of their owner might still lead to an attack. Being bitten or otherwise attacked by a dog could be a traumatizing experience that might leave someone with physical, emotional, and financial losses. While no animal can be considered legally liable, a neglectful owner might be.

However, just because a dog attacks another person does not mean that the owner can always be held responsible. Because of this, if you or someone you love has been attacked by a canine, you might benefit from speaking with a Cary dog bite lawyer about your legal options. A committed injury attorney could help to assess your case and work to hold neglectful pet owners responsible for your damages.

Recoverable Damages Following a Dog Bite

Dog attacks, even from smaller dogs, could cause severe injuries. Along with potentially deep wounds, a dog’s mouths may be dirty and cause an infection or illness. In extreme cases, an attack might leave a claimant with separated joints, broken bones, or even disfigurement.

Beyond these physical damages, a plaintiff might suffer pecuniary losses due to missed time at work, or decreased earning capacity as a result of their injuries. Furthermore, a person might suffer psychological damages after an attack, such as emotional anguish and trauma.

As a result, a claimant has a legal right to seek compensation for any and all of these damages in an injury claim against a negligent pet owner. A compassionate Cary dog bite attorney could help to assess an injured individual’s damages in order to request adequate compensation.

What Makes a Dog Legally Dangerous in Cary?

North Carolina General Statutes §67-4.4 states that a dog owner is strictly liable for any damages caused by a “dangerous” dog. However, there are specific guidelines that determine what makes a dog legally dangerous. According to N.C.G.S §67-4, a dangerous dog is one that has caused a serious injury in the past.

A court has the power to label a dog as dangerous, which means owners are aware of their pet’s legal status thereafter. As a result, if a plaintiff can demonstrate a dog’s status as being dangerous due to a prior incident and how its owner disregarded this status, they may have a persuasive claim on the basis of negligence.

Other Considerations for Dog Owner Negligence

If a dog is not already labeled dangerous, however, a plaintiff could instead argue that the dog’s owner was simply negligent in allowing the incident to occur. In these cases, a jury would need to consider the totality of the circumstances that led to the attack, including:

  • If the incident took place in public or on private land
  • If the owner had the animal on a leash
  • If the plaintiff aggravated, provoked, or teased the dog

The dog’s status as “dangerous” has no effect on these cases. However, these cases might be difficult to prove as a result. This is because North Carolina law does not assume that a defendant is liable in claims based upon common negligence.

How A Cary Dog Bite Attorney Might Assist With A Claim

In North Carolina, dog owners have a legal duty to protect others from their pets attacks. However, even when injuries are apparent, proving negligence can be a complex legal process.

Because of this, an injured individual seeking compensation might benefit from the counsel of a Cary dog bite lawyer. If retained, a credible injury attorney could work to asses the dog’s history of attacks, gather evidence of owner negligence, and show proof of your damages in order to request full and fair compensation. For more information about how legal counsel might help, call today.