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Charlotte is known for having irregular weather patterns, requiring drivers to take extra precaution. In addition to a reputation for adverse weather conditions, the city is also known for congestion, construction, and narrow roads, increasing the likelihood for a car accident to occur.

If you have suffered damages as a result of poor driving conditions, take the time to speak with a Charlotte bad weather car accident lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney could review the details of your accident and inform you if you are entitled to compensation.

What Should a Person Do Following an Accident Caused by Severe Weather?

After being involved in an accident triggered by severe conditions, the very first thing a victim should do is call 911. If it is safe to do so, a person should get out of the car and take pictures. If it is not safe to do so, they should remain in the car or pull it over to the side to where they will be safe. Once their injuries have been tended to by a medical professional, the next thing a victim should do is speak with a bad weather car accident attorney in Charlotte for help with obtaining compensation.

What to do When a Vehicle is or is Not Involved

If there is another vehicle involved, then an attorney will send them a letter notifying them that they have been sued. They will contact the at-fault party’s insurance company to begin the auto accident process. However, if another vehicle was not involved, then the attorney would look at the plaintiff’s own insurance policy and see if they are able to recover damages. In most cases, plaintiffs tend to recover some form of compensation. However, recovering for damages when there is no other vehicle involved could prove to be difficult without the guidance of a lawyer. Victims looking to recover should first schedule a consultation for insight regarding how to proceed.

Valuable Evidence in a Bad Weather Car Accident Case in Charlotte

In order to prove that poor weather was the cause of an accident, plaintiffs should make sure to call law enforcement in the moments following an accident. Doing so not only ensures that the injured driver receives help, but it also provides an opportunity for the city to record the accident and any specific causes of the accident, such as bad weather, that could be used in a claim as evidence. Other forms of documentation, such as pictures and videos, are also encouraged to be introduced as evidence.

Get in Touch with a Charlotte Bad Weather Accident Attorney Today

Upon suffering injuries as a result of a car accident caused by hazardous conditions, victims want to make sure that they obtain the maximum amount of compensation available to them. In some cases, there may be no other driver involved in the accident. When this is the situation, claimants should be sure to speak with a Charlotte bad weather car accident lawyer for help with collecting evidence and proving their claim.

To learn more about what an attorney could do for you, schedule a consultation today.