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A head-on collision occurs when the front ends of two vehicles collide. These types of accidents typically occur when one or both vehicles cross the center line as they are going in opposite ways in lanes of traffic. The injuries commonly sustained through this type of accident could prove to have a detrimental impact on not only the health of the victim, but their financial status as well due to costly medical treatment.

Paying for expenses incurred through the fault of another individual is never an ideal situation to be in. To take legal action against the negligent driver who caused your accident, reach out to a dedicated injury attorney today. A Charlotte head-on collision lawyer could meet with you to discuss the details of your case and inform you of your eligibility to obtain compensation.

Severity of Front-End Accidents in Charlotte

There are several ways a front-end accident could occur. This type of accident could be caused by a driver falling asleep behind the wheel, either because they have been driving for a long time or they are driving in the middle of the night. Drunk driving may also be the reason behind why someone drove into the other side of traffic. Inebriated drivers are not in complete control of their vehicle, and as a result, could drive into the front-side of another vehicle.

Inclusion of Punitive Damages in Compensation Awards

Punitive damages are known to be included in the damage awards of a head-on collision case. They are damages that are above and beyond their typical pain and suffering caused by an accident, and they are damages that are meant to punish the bad actor in that case. If the other person was intoxicated, on drugs, or under the influence of anything, the jury may feel inclined to add punitive damages in a person’s compensation award. It is important to note that punitive damages can only be calculated by the jury of the case. The defendant nor the plaintiff is not involved in the final say of awarding punitive damages.

Importance of Following up with Medical Treatment

One of the most costly things a person could do their case is refusing to seek medical attention. When a person elects not to have a medical professional, that may indicate to the insurance company and to the defendant that their injuries were not serious or they did not exist. It is vital that victims seek medical attention for the benefit of getting a professional opinion regarding their overall health and having a legal record of their injuries which could be presented at trial.

Speak with a Charlotte Head-On Collision Attorney Today

Injuries stemming from a head-on collision could prove to be very severe. Not only could victims face a lengthy battle in healing from their injuries, but they would also be responsible for paying for the cost of treatment.

No one should have to pay for costs incurred by the negligence of another person. To learn more about how you could obtain compensation following an accident, reach out to a Charlotte head-on collision lawyer today.