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Anywhere a parking lot is located, is a prime spot for a parking lot accident to occur. In the absence of timed traffic control lights and lined pavement, drivers are entrusted with making judgment calls that include who has the right of way and how much room is needed for their own vehicle and the vehicles surrounding them. Unfortunately, misjudgment occurs and accidents can happen.

A Charlotte parking lot accident lawyer represents victims of parking lot accidents and could assist in pursuing rights to vehicle repair and recovery for any personal injury suffered. If you have been in a parking lot collision, contact a well-established car wreck attorney today.

Problems Involving Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents have a particular difficulty when proving who was at fault for the collision. Although there are traffic laws in place that dictate behavior within the lots, proving the violation of those laws is difficult. A Charlotte parking lot accident lawyer may assist in proving who was at fault by:

  • Interviewing independent eyewitnesses to the collision
  • Reviewing applicable security video footage of the parking lot
  • Contacting store retailers to see if any employees saw or had details about the collision
  • Using photographs of the damage suffered to each vehicle in order to prove fault

A Charlotte parking lot accident attorney could perform these and other investigative actions at their disposal, in order to assist in proving which vehicle in a parking lot accident was at fault, and who bears the responsibility for any damage or injury caused. Having a seasoned attorney who is experienced in assigning negligence is vital for filing a car accident claim.

Traffic Laws in Charlotte Parking Lots

Generally, vehicle drivers have a duty to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles and pedestrians in a parking lot. This duty eliminates rear-end collisions and pedestrian accidents. The other duty is adhering to the right of way which facilitates the safe and efficient entry and exit to and from the lot. A vehicle traveling along the designated exterior of the lot has the right of way versus vehicles that have exited their parking spot and wish to return to mainstream traffic. In a public vehicular area, such as a parking lot, Charlotte drivers are required, pursuant to North Carolina Section 20-154, to:

  • Make sure that entry into another part of the parking lot can be made safely
  • Sound the horn if any pedestrians are in the anticipated path of travel
  • Give a visible signal of their anticipated path of travel
  • If the anticipated path is driving backward, a driver must make sure the movement can be made safely without striking another vehicle

These laws are particular to any spot of roadway regulated for vehicles, including parking lots. Failure to adhere to these traffic laws, the right of way, posted traffic control signals, and generally keep a proper lookout are the causes of most parking lot accidents.

Let a Charlotte Parking Lot Accident Attorney Help

Proving fault in a parking lot accident can be trying for an individual to figure out alone. Without a throughout investigation of the lot, witnesses, and any available surveillance footage, a victim of a parking lot accident may not be able to recover for their vehicle damage and any resulting bodily injury. Contact a Charlotte parking lot accident lawyer today and learn more about how an attorney could help you recover.