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Being side-swiped by another vehicle is one of the most difficult vehicle collisions to prove. The vehicles involved often have conflicting stories as to who merged where, or who had the right of way, and it often takes legal counsel to get the matter resolved. However, a Charlotte side-impact car accident lawyer is intimately familiar with side-impact and side-swipe collisions. An experienced car wreck attorney could help you establish negligence and get you the compensation you deserve following your accident.

Conflicting Narratives of Charlotte Car Crashes

One of the first hurdles the victim of a side-impact car accident may face is being told that the other driver has reported a different version of how the impact occurred. This is common, as an insurance company will often raise an insured’s rate if their insured was at fault for a collision.

To avoid higher insurance rates, some vehicle drivers tell their insurance carrier that the side-swipe collision was not their fault. Without an independent witness, it can be challenging to get the insurance company to accept the true story. A Charlotte side-impact car accident lawyer understands why duplicitous versions of side-impact collisions occur and could help prepare a defense if one is needed.

Passing and Overtaking Other Vehicles

If a side-impact car accident occurred, oftentimes it is the result of a vehicle trying to pass another vehicle. Because this can be hazardous, there are several traffic laws which dictate how to pass vehicles. If vehicles are traveling in the same direction, when passing that vehicle you must:

  • Have a clear view of oncoming traffic first (North Carolina Section 20-150)
  • Pass on the left
  • Leave a minimum of two feet between your vehicle and the vehicle you are passing (North Carolina Section 20-149)

Passing a vehicle on the right is generally prohibited unless the other vehicle is in a left-hand turn lane, both vehicles are on a one-way street, or another particular scenario (North Carolina Section 20-150.1). If a vehicle is passed on the right, the passing vehicle must give the other adequate space, ideally at least half of their main lane of travel (North Carolina Section 20-148). Proving the other driver violated one of these laws is a task an accomplished personal injury lawyer could assist with.

Proving Negligence in Side-Impact Car Accidents

With duplicitous stories and broken vehicle laws, the victim of a side-impact car accident has the burden of proving their case in order to have repairs done to the side of their vehicle, and possibly to prove that personal injury resulted from the side-impact collision. A Charlotte side-impact car accident attorney may have several resources to prove this burden, including:

  • Obtaining a statement from an independent witness
  • Asking the other driver, under oath, how the side-impact occurred
  • Retaining an accident reconstructionist to show how the other driver had to have caused the impact using mathematics and physics

Speak with a Charlotte Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

If you are facing any of the challenges outlined here, contact a Charlotte side-impact car accident lawyer today and let a legal professional represent you. A skilled attorney could help prove that your story of the side-swipe collision is the true one and explore how to hold the other vehicle responsible for violating North Carolina’s traffic laws. Call today to set up a consultation.