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When filing a car accident claim, your natural hope is to end the case as quickly as possible and obtain the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and a trial may be needed in order to render a favorable outcome.

For more information regarding car accident trials in Charlotte, reach out to an experienced attorney today for help. With a lawyer at your side, you could have someone providing your with professional legal guidance throughout the process.

How Does Litigation Proceed Within a Car Accident Case?

A car accident case begins with the victim filing a complaint against the at-fault party. Once the defendants has received the complaint, they have a certain amount of time to answer it. After the complaint has been responded to, both sides will enter into the discovery phase. During this phases, both sides will exchange information about the accident. If both sides believe they can settle the case, they will enter into a mediation to try to work out a settlement that would end the case. Most cases settle at this point, but if a case cannot be settled, both sides will be given a trial date.

Process of a Car Accident Trial

In a car accident trial, the plaintiff would present their case first. This is because the plaintiff has the burden of proof, meaning they must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Once the plaintiff has completed their opening statements, the defense will follow up with their opening statement. After both sides have introduced their case, they would then usher into the examination phase.

During the examination phase, both sides will be able to present any evidence or witnesses in support of their arguments. Both sides will also have the opportunity to cross-examine each other’s evidence. Once both sides have presented their evidence and cross-examined each other’s arguments, both sides will give their closing statements and wait for the court to deliver a verdict.

Process of Litigation Involving Multiple Defendants

Cases involving multiple defendants proceed much differently than other cases. For example, there may be situations where the defendants do not stay on a case. Plaintiffs may also opt to settle with the other less culpable defendants in order to avoid litigation that may not be worth the effort, or to avoid confusing the jury about who should be held liable.

The outcome of a case could also be influenced by having multiple defendants. If there are multiple defendants, sometimes the defendants will point the finger at each other. This could provide some benefit to the plaintiff since the defendants are passing on the blame to each other and not the plaintiff.

When preparing to take a car accident claim to trial, it is imperative that you work with an attorney who could guide you every step of the way. ‘

Retain the Services of an Attorney Today

Not all plaintiffs have the opportunity to settle their car accident claim for the amount they are asking for. As a result, they would have to take their claim to trial where the court would have to be fully convinced that the defendant is liable for the payment of damages.

If you wish to learn more about preparing for car accident trials in Charlotte, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney today.