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In recent years, Uber and Lyft have become the most popular ride service in Charlotte. Although their easy accessibility makes them popular, their drivers are still human and prone to making mistakes. As a result, accidents can still occur, but establishing liability may be difficult.

Contact a Charlotte Uber/Lyft accident lawyer today for help with determining legal responsibility. A knowledgeable attorney could review the details of your accident and help you established fault against the at-fault party.

What is a Common Carrier?

Common carriers are entities that transport multiple people, such as trains, buses, and taxis. Common carriers have a higher standard of care than other drivers because they consider themselves as being safe and able to transport a person to their desired location. This standard of care also extends to Uber and Lyft since they are also considered common carriers in Charlotte.

Therefore, a common carrier will be more likely to be found negligent than a regular driver if they get in an accident because of the higher standard of care that they must live up to.

Difference Between Uber/Lyft Accidents and Regular Car Accidents

Someone who is involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver engaged in the scope of their employment as an Uber or Lyft driver will be able to recover not only against the individual driver but also against the corporation. Since the standard of care for a common carrier is higher than that of a regular driver, they will be in a better position to recover from an Uber or Lyft driver. Additionally, the liability insurance is typically much higher than it would be otherwise.

Who is Responsible for the Repayment of Damages in an Uber/Lyft Accident in Charlotte?

Uber/Lyft insures their drivers, so the vehicle’s insurance policy covered by Uber/Lyft will pay for any damages if the driver was operating the vehicle for Uber at the time of the accident. In addition to economic and noneconomic damages, victims may also be able to recover punitive damages depending on the conduct displayed by the at-fault driver. However, to obtain compensation, Uber/Lyft accident victims should retain the services of a Charlotte attorney right away.

Steps to Take Following an Uber/Lyft Accident

If a person is in an accident with a hired driver, they should ensure to call the police and make a report. If they were a passenger, they should take a witness statement and call an attorney immediately. The earlier a victim is able to collect evidence and pass it on to an attorney, the better their chances are for recovering compensation following an Uber/Lyft accident.

Reach out to a Charlotte Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney Today

When dealing with large companies such as Uber/Lyft, claimants should be sure to hire the services of a skilled injury attorney. Claims involving commercial companies are not like regular lawsuits. It will require the vast legal knowledge and experience of a Charlotte Uber/Lyft accident lawyer.

To begin discussing the details of your case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.