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Charlotte is currently experiencing a high influx of new business opportunities from investors in and around the area. Due to this high level of interest in the area, there has been a growing number of construction projects happening all over the city. However, as the rate of construction increases, the rate of construction-related accidents also increases.

When you suffer an injury at work, you deserve to be compensated if your accident occurred due to circumstances out of your control. This should be absolutely true for construction workers given the fact that they are surrounded by dangerous work-equipment and unstable conditions.

If you have been injured while working or walking nearby a construction site, reach out to a trusted injury attorney today. A Charlotte construction accident lawyer could sit with you to review the details of your case and inform you of your eligibility to obtain damages.

What is a Construction Accident?

A construction accident in Charlotte is any type of accident that causes an injury related to a worker on a construction site or someone who finds themselves on a construction site due to the negligence of others.

A person could find themselves involved in a construction accident during downtown building constructions or any type of construction that involves an area that includes other populations. Sometimes, objects fall or equipment, such as scaffolding, fails. These are rare situations that may occur injuring people in the near area.

Establishing Liability in a Construction Accident Case

When establishing liability, it is important to first distinguish whether the victim was employed to work under the general contractor or a subcontractor. In some cases, an employee of a subcontractor is injured by the negligence of an employee of another subcontractor. In these types of cases, the victim would have a potential claim in addition to having a workers’ compensation claim. When the injured party is not an employee, they could still have a negligence claim against the responsible party.

Common Injuries Seen in a Construction Accident Case

Constructions sites are inherently dangerous places. Due to the nature of falls and the danger that comes with unprotected areas, the injuries can be much more severe leading to permanent disabilities.

Most common injuries from construction accidents are fall injuries that occur for numerous reasons. Fall injuries resulting in multiple orthopedic, spinal cord, or even brain injuries are the most often cited.

Calculating Compensatory Damages in Charlotte

Depending on whether the victim could prove that the at-fault party is responsible for their accident, victims may be able to recover several types of damages. The most common types of damages include economic damages such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Loss of wages and earning capacity

In addition to noneconomic damages, victims may also be able to recover for noneconomic damages as well. Noneconomic damages account for less tangible damages including pain and suffering and psychological trauma. A Charlotte construction accident lawyer could help victims calculate the damages they are owed.

Obtaining a Punitive Damage Award

Punitive damages are rarely awarded in a construction accident. There would have to be a finding of some type of gross negligent willful and wanton conduct. For example, a worker using drugs or being drunk on the job site causing the injury could potentially lead to punitive damages. The cap for punitive damages in Charlotte is $200,000.

Role of Contributory Negligence

When the injured party is found to be one percent at fault, they bring some type of contribution to the accident and they cannot recover any type of damages. When cases are settled, there is usually some type of discount on the settlement because of the risk of getting a zero verdict in a contributory negligence setting.

Speak with a Charlotte Construction Accident Attorney Today

Sustaining injury through no fault of your own could cause you to incur several expenses that could put you in a financially stressful situation. To be fairly compensated for injuries sustained caused by someone else’s negligence, victims should reach out to an injury attorney for legal assistance. By retaining the services of a Charlotte construction accident lawyer, you may be able to successfully hold the at-fault party liable for their negligence and recover what you are owed. To get started, be sure to schedule a consultation today.