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Motorcycle wreck injuries are commonly catastrophic, which is why it is critical for motorcyclists to have health insurance. State medical costs can be extremely high, and anyone experiencing major orthopedic injuries or traumatic brain injuries could have medical bills that run into the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Because medical care can be quite the expense after a motorcycle wreck, you should contact an experienced motorcycle crash attorney to discuss Charlotte motorcycle accidents and health insurance.

Benefits of Having Health Insurance After a Motorcycle Collision

One of the benefits of having health insurance in the event of a motorcycle accident in Charlotte is that the medical bills get paid regardless of what happens in a personal injury case. Injury cases can be unsuccessful, and when an accident victim does receive compensation, they may be limited to the amount of insurance coverage the defendant has. In some cases, there may not be enough money to satisfy a claim fully, and an injured party may be left with some medical bills they cannot afford.

Initial Steps to Take Regarding Health Insurance Following a Motorcycle Wreck

The first step that an injured motorcyclist should take regarding their health insurance is to ensure that they file their health insurance claim and give the hospital billing coordinators their health insurance for any treatment they receive, including ER treatment. Sometimes hospitals may want to wait for a liability settlement. However, a settlement is not guaranteed, and it is not a recommended action to take. To prevent medical billing from coming into collections, accident victims should file everything on their health insurance first.

What Happens if Someone Does Not Have Health Insurance?

If a Charlotte motorcyclist gets injured and does not have health insurance, they should determine if they have other recovery options, especially if there is the possibility of a valid negligence claim. These kinds of cases can be tough because often hospitals have liens on any recovery. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury attorney could negotiate those liens in any settlement. They could do this by working with insurance companies to establish liens for treatment to allow the injured party to seek medical treatment, and as a result, the injured motorcyclists could pay for their treatment at the conclusion of their negligence case.

Can Someone’s Health Insurance Coverage Limit their Damages?

An individual’s health insurance coverage or paid sick leave may not limit their recoveries, but the amount that their health insurance paid for their hospital treatment may come into evidence to determine the amount necessary to satisfy the medical costs part of the claim. For example, an injured motorcyclist may receive a bill of $10,000, and their health insurance may only cover $3,000 of that expense. On that particular bill, $3,000 is what comes into evidence as far as what that bill truly cost.

Health Insurance Companies Seeking Reimbursement

It is important to note that health insurance companies may require Charlotte motorcycle accident victims to reimburse them for paid medical expenses. This is dependent on whether or not the insurance is self-funded, meaning that if a person works for a large company or is a municipal employee, they may expect to pay a portion of their settlement back to their health insurance.

The amount health insurance companies ask for from a settlement may vary. This is another reason why having an experienced lawyer is important because of the actions legal counsel can take to help is deal with the insurance companies. An attorney may be able to successfully negotiate the amount that an injured party must pay back.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Motorcycle Accidents and Health Insurance in Charlotte

The main benefit of working with a lawyer when dealing with Charlotte motorcycle accident and health insurance companies is that diligent legal professionals can identify which particular health insurance plan have to be paid back. If an accident victim does not have an attorney, they may mistakenly pay back a health insurance company money out of their pocket.

If an insurance company legally must be reimbursed, an attorney may be able to negotiate the portion down, which would increase the claimant’s net recovery. If you want to receive help dealing with your health insurance company, contact an attorney today and schedule a free case consultation.