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Traffic laws apply to motorcycles the same as they apply to other motor vehicles. However, some traffic laws are different for bikers than they are for motorists. For instance, motorcycles are required to have their headlights on at all times, and the law requires bikers to have a motorcycle endorsement on their drivers’ license. Also, there is a state helmet law that requires all riders to hear protective headgear when they are riding their motorbike. Overall, the different rules for motorcycles that have to do with safety, visibility, and mitigation of injuries in the event of a crash. If you were involved in an accident with a motorcycle, contact an experienced attorney to learn more about motorcycle traffic laws in Charlotte.

How Compliance with Traffic Laws Can Impact a Case

Bikers should follow the Charlotte motorcycle traffic laws because lawmakers designed them to protect the riders and others on the road. Additionally, compliance or lack thereof could impact a civil lawsuit in the event of a collision. If a motorcyclist gets hurt because of the negligence of another vehicle, but they themselves did not follow the traffic laws, then they may not be able to receive any compensation. If a motorcyclist hits someone else on the road and that motorcyclist was violating the traffic laws at the time of the accident, then this could establish a negligence claim against the biker.

Establishing Fault in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle traffic regulations in Charlotte can impact a case when the driver is at fault. When the motorcyclist is at fault and they bring a claim, they may not be able to recover any monetary damages due to contributory negligence. Under this system of assigning fault, if a plaintiff is even one percent at fault, the court may completely bar them from recovery.

However, motorcycle traffic laws in Charlotte also can impact a case when the driver is not at fault. If a driver was following all the rules and regulations at the time of an accident, this may lead to a valid claim on the basis of negligence and the injured biker may sue the at-fault party. A seasoned lawyer could help an injured victim with establishing fault following a motorcycle wreck.

How to Stay Up to Date on New Motorcycle Traffic Regulations

People can stay updated on new motorcycle laws in Charlotte by consulting with the North Carolina General Assembly. This group is the law-making body for the state, and it posts laws that are new for that session. Once this governing body files this new law, it becomes a bill, and then it goes through the proper procedure to become a law. Another good resource is the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Charlotte Traffic Laws

Injuries that result from a motorcycle accident can be severe and devastating. If you were injured in a motorcycle wreck, you should reach out to a seasoned attorney. A legal professional could review your case and explain how the motorcycle traffic laws in Charlotte may apply to your case. Reach out to a legal representative today for an initial consultation on your lawsuit.