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Premises liability holds a property owner responsible for the safety of individuals who visit the premises. A business or a manager of a property could be found liable when they fail to provide a reasonably safe environment for someone on the property and the unsafe condition they knew about or should have known about leads to an injury or an accident.

When preparing to file a claim, it is helpful to know about the important things to know about premises liability cases in Charlotte. To learn more, call an attorney today.

Three Things to Know About Charlotte Premises Liability

The number one thing to know about premises liability cases is that regardless of the seriousness of an injury, it is very important that one notifies someone who works at the property. They should take pictures and document anything they can to prove their case.

The second thing an individual should do is seek immediate medical attention even if the injury does not appear to be serious. Joint injuries often show up much later. If the victim did not receive medical treatment early, they may preclude their claim or give the insurance company ammunition to fight the claim.

The third thing to know is to contact a Charlotte injury lawyer who can give them a free opinion as to whether the person has a claim.

Unique Aspects of Premises Liability Cases

There is not much of a difference between premises liability and other types of personal injury cases. One of the things that is more prominent in a premises liability case that is not found in other injury cases is the concept of contributory negligence. The plaintiff must be completely free of negligence before they can bring any type of claim. If it is found that the victim was partially at fault for their accident, they could be disallowed from collecting payment for their injuries.

When Could a Victim Present a Premises Liability Case?

People visiting a private property expect to walk into a safe and hospitable environment. However, some landowners fail to provide their guests with the duty of care they deserve. As a result, visitors may suffer injuries due to unannounced or unaddressed property hazards. Upon suffering this type of injury, victims may be able to file a premises liability claim against the property owner. They may do within three years of the accident with the help of an attorney.

Property Owner’s Duty of Care

Property owners need to provide a safe location. The location must be free of hazards that they knew about or should have known about. As an example, when freezing conditions are present and they knew about it, they need to put out anti-freeze or anti-ice pellets to meet their obligation. If they knew the temperatures were below freezing and they did nothing, that is negligence on their part.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

Whenever there are significant injuries such as broken bones, hospitalization, or significant medical expenses, there is much at risk. It is important to get an attorney involved early in those types of cases. With the help of an attorney, you may be able to craft a detailed description of your injuries, the characteristics of the hazardous environment in which you fell victim to, and how much should you be owed for your damages. If you wish to get started on your claim, be sure to schedule a free consultation today.