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When victims have suffered a slip and fall injury while visiting the property of another person, their first instinct should be to find out who oversees maintaining the conditions of the area. Once property ownership has been determined, victims should feel entitled to hold the property owner accountable for their carelessness. However, in order to do so, it is recommended to get in touch with an experienced attorney regarding landowner negligence in Charlotte slip and fall cases. A lawyer could help you collect any supporting evidence, as well as provide you with insight on your next steps. To get started on a case, schedule an initial free consultation today.

Common Cause of Slip and Fall Accidents

One of the more common causes of slip and fall accidents of slip and fall accidents in Charlotte involves slippery substances at grocery stores, auto part stores, or other various retail establishments. In most cases, the landowner should have known about this hazard but decided to do nothing about it. When this occurs, landowners are breaking their duty of care owed to visitors in which they are required to provide a safe environment for their guests. Property owners who fail to live up to this duty of care leave themselves vulnerable to an injury suit in the event an accident occurs.

Handling Cases with Multiple Defendants

Multiple parties could be held liable in a slip and fall case involving premises liability. In some cases, the following parties could be accused of acting negligently:

  • Building owners
  • Stores
  • Management companies

An example in which three parties could be held liable is if a building is owned by an individual, which is managed by another group for an actual store. Cases with multiple parties tend to take more time than anticipated. The main reason for this being that an attorney would have to present multiple pieces of evidence against all or some of the defendants and take extra time cross-examining the defendants.

Common Injuries in a Slip and Fall Case

The most common injuries that result from slip and fall cases are back and hip injuries. If there is a wrong type of fall or a fluke issue, there could be serious orthopedic lower extremity issues or joint issues in the knee.

The injuries commonly sustained after a slip and fall case may vary. However, in most cases, injuries may include:

  • Back and spinal injuries
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Paralysis injuries

Regardless of how the accident occurred, if a victim suffers any of these injuries, they could be held liable for damages. Victims are encouraged to pursue legal action in order to be compensated for any money spent on medical treatment and non-economical damages such as pain and suffering. However, in order to accurately estimate how much should be owed, victims should look to retain the services of a trusted injury attorney for professional insight and assistance.

How to Ensure an Area or Premises is Safe

Landowners are expected to take reasonable precautions to ensure that their area is safe from any harm. Unsafe conditions could include broken floorboard, exposed electrical wiring, and slippery surfaces. When an unsafe condition is found, potential customers or visitors should be immediately warned of the danger. In the meantime, property owners should act promptly to correct the hazard.

Contact an Attorney Today

Suffering a personal injury of any kind is never an ideal situation to be in. The experience could be especially frustrating when your accident could have been prevented if it had not been for the carelessness of another person. In the event of a slip and fall accident, owners are expected to maintain a duty of care for their guests. When they fail to do so, they should be held liable for any damages victims have suffered as a result of their negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered significant injuries and damages due to a slip and fall, contact an attorney today. A lawyer could talk in detail about landowner negligence in slip and fall cases and how to best proceed with your case. Schedule a free consultation today to get started.