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If you have been denied social security benefits in North Carolina, it would be in your best interest to hire a Charlotte social security lawyer. Social Security provides a safety net to aging individuals, but the process of obtaining it is not always as simple as it should be.

There are many factors that can impact the status of your social security claim, including your income and retirement funds, so it is important to understand social security laws and how they can influence your future. It may be critical to contact a distinguished personal injury attorney to learn more about these benefits and what legal actions to take if you have been denied.

Defining Social Security

The federal social security program is funded by payroll taxes, and in order to receive benefits, a worker must pay into the program for a period of at least 10 years. The amount of benefits a worker receives will largely depend on the amount they paid into the program during their lifetime.

This is not a hard and fast rule, and even some individuals who have worked less than ten years will be entitled to benefits. Social Security can also provide a safety net for the families and loved ones of deceased workers.

Who is Entitled to Benefits?

In general, the longer a person works, the more they will be entitled to. Individuals who retire in their early 60s will receive less than those who work into their late 60s or early 70s. If an individual is injured and unable to work for at least one year, they may also apply to receive benefits. To receive these benefits, the injured individual will be tasked with proving that they are authentically disabled and unable to perform work. To do this, they may need to hire a Charlotte social security lawyer.

Role of Social Security Denials

There is a strong possibility that the Social Security Administration will deny the claim of an older or injured individual. It is even believed that slightly more than half of all claims are denied at first. If the claim of an individual is denied, they will need to hire a Charlotte social security lawyer to represent them during the appeals and hearing process. If a person wishes to appeal the initial ruling, they will need to do so within 60 days of receiving the denial.

What are the Guidelines to Receive Benefits?

The Social Security Administration has strict guidelines in regards to who can and cannot receive benefits. The following conditions can lead to a denial of benefits.

The following conditions can lead to a denial of benefits:

  • The amount of disability a claimant will receive will not last the required 12 months
  • The claimant failed to follow the orders of their physician
  • The claimant did not file correctly or provide the correct information
  • The income of the claimant exceeds the maximum

When to Hire an Attorney

The easiest way to file an appeal is to visit the Social Security Administration website and complete the necessary forms. If the appeal for benefits is denied as well, the claimant will need to hire a Charlotte social security lawyer and fight for their benefits in court. If you need help obtaining the benefits you worked so hard for, please contact a Charlotte social security lawyer. They understand how the Social Security Administration operates, and can try getting your denial overturned.