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Charlotte experiences heavy traffic consisting of various trucks and big rigs. Although this bodes well for interstate commerce, the same cannot be said for other drivers when the truck drivers entrusted with delivering cargo choose to operate their vehicles in a careless manner. Considering the various blind spot points, drivers could suffer significant injury if the truck operator is inattentive.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident where you collided with a truck in their blind spot, get in touch with a professional attorney today. A Charlotte blind spot truck accident lawyer could work with you to build a solid claim for compensation.

Why are Trucks Prone to Blind Spot Accidents?

Due to the large size of trucks, big rigs, and tractors trailers, truck drivers may find it difficult to anticipate smaller vehicles driving in their blind spot. This is especially true when trucks are turning or backing up. Some trucks may have cameras in their backside which allows the truck driver to see behind them when backing up, but for drivers operating trailers, they will have to rely on their skill and experience as a driver when changing directions or switching lanes.

How Much Blame Can be Placed on the Victim?

A person driving a car could be held somewhat responsible for an accident if they are travelling alongside a truck that is clearly marked advising drivers to avoid unsafe behavior while driving in the truck’s marked blind spots. In North Carolina, a person found one percent at fault by a jury is barred from recovering any type of compensation. Although the victim may not have played a part in their accident, the defense will try their best to cast doubt onto the actions of the driver in an attempt to convince the court that the plaintiff has some blame in the cause of the accident.

Common Types of Injuries Suffered in a Blind Spot Trucking Accident

The common types of injuries suffered in a blind spot trucking accident involves several types of catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and paralysis injuries. These types of injuries will not only require extensive medical treatment to heal from, but the victim will also have to miss time from work in order to complete their treatment. Unfortunately, even if victims do heal from their injuries, they may be unable to perform certain tasks, which could affect their ability to do their job.

Retain Professional Legal Assistance Today

Trucks have various blind spots all around. Drivers entering these blind spots need to make sure that they do not make any careless decisions or they will run the risk of causing an accident. However, an accident can also occur if the person driving the truck is not paying attention to their surroundings. Nevertheless, victims should make sure to take the necessary measures in order to recover compensation for damages sustained.

For help with filing an injury claim, get in touch with a Charlotte blind spot truck accident lawyer today. An attorney could take the time to learn more about the details of your case and inform you on how to proceed with an injury claim.