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Truck drivers are under a lot of stress to make sure that their deliveries are made on time. Unfortunately, some drivers may meet these deadlines using methods which are not only legal, but dangerous and reckless as well. Of these methods includes driving without taking time to rest in between drives. If an accident occurs as a result of driver fatigued, the victim is entitled to compensation.

If you wish to file claim after sustaining injuries from a big rig driver who fell asleep behind the wheel, get in touch with an attorney experienced in truck driver fatigue accidents in Charlotte today.

What are the Dangers of Driving While Fatigued?

An individual driving while overly tired may have reaction time issues. The normal reaction time and human factors of being able to respond to issues involving the truck are affected by driver fatigue. It is also possible for a driver to give in to their fatigue and fall asleep behind the wheel.

Are There Rules and Regulations in Place to Prevent Truck Driver Fatigue?

Truck drivers are supposed to get a certain amount of rest and sleep in between drives. They are also required to keep logs to track their drives and how much rest they have had in between. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for truck drivers to log their drives beyond the normal regulations for rest.

Pressure to Meet Deadlines

A driver being pressured to arrive on time or make a specific number of deliveries could show negligence on part of the company that puts undue pressure on their drivers that led to driver fatigue. This story can be used to show how liability can be created. If there is an incident that is related to all of this, the company and driver should be held accountable. The driver of the truck needs to be found negligent first and then that negligence moves to the owner/operator of the vehicle so that all parties can be held accountable.

Is there Any Way a Driver Could Avoid Responsibility?

A driver might be absolved of responsibility if there is an equipment failure such as a worn-out tire. In these types of situations, the trucking company will be held liable and not the driver. However, proving this type of argument is difficult to do so because it would require an expert to examine the tires and how it might have impacted the functionality of the vehicle.

Importance of Consulting a Legal Professional

In cases involving trucking companies, it is wise to have a legal professional advocating on your behalf. In situations involving truck driver fatigue accidents in Charlotte, trucking companies may try to rid themselves of the blame and place it on the driver. However, there may be instances where there was a mechanical defect that caused the accident, or the driver was pressured into driving while fatigues. With a lawyer handling your case, you could investigate these scenarios in an effort to maximize the compensation owed to you.