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Trucking companies are responsible for a significant portion of interstate commerce that occurs today. Without trucks, millions of people would not be able to receive their packages as well as other precious items. This places an enormous amount of pressure for both truck drivers and their employers to make sure that all deliveries are made in a timely manner. While they are completing this duty, they are required to follow the federal trucking laws and trucking industry regulations in Charlotte to avoid causing an accident that could several injure innocent drivers. To learn more about these regulations, get in touch with our law offices today.

Who Regulates the Trucking Industry in the US?

The Department of Transportation and federal motor carriers are regulated by the federal government. The states also regulate the trucks within the state as far as wages are concerned and local state regulations. When trucking companies do not adhere to these regulations and an accident occurs as a result, the victims of trucking accident are entitled under law to hold them accountable for their negligence.

Trucking companies are conscious of the penalties that could occur if they do not follow the federal trucking laws and industry regulations. As a result, they take various measures to ensure that they would not be held liable in the event of an accident due to a failure of following the federal trucking laws.

How Does the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Establish their Regulatory Standards?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has rule-making changes that involves industry input. It is a process like other federal rule-making processes. Trucking companies have the burden to hold up maintain these standards. If the trucking companies do not uphold the standards, they are not able to be in business.

An example of one of these regulations involves insurance coverage. Trucking companies are required to have a minimum of $1,000,000 in insurance coverage. There may be higher limits depending on the nature of the business, but for the most part, $1,000,000 is the industry standard.

How Do Companies Comply with these Regulations?

Trucking companies are required to log in everything including maintenance records, drivers’ records, and time. The paperwork involved with the bills needs to be within regulations and the operators of the vehicles must carry a commercial driver’s license in the appropriate class for the vehicle they are operating.

Truck accident victims who suspect that their accident was caused by either a truck driver’s negligence or a trucking company’s negligence could file for a subpoena to obtain driver logs and driving records to make sure that the company did its best to keep track of driver times or that they hired a trucker with little to no driving infractions.

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Suffering injuries as a result of a trucking company refusing to follow the federal trucking laws and industry regulations in Charlotte should be met with immediate legal action. With the help of an attorney experienced in filing claims against major trucking companies, you may be able to hold them accountable for all the damages you suffered as a result of their negligence.