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When driving down the road, you trust that other drivers will operate their vehicle in a manner that is both safe and responsible. However, certain conditions can make it difficult for drivers to operate their vehicles even if they are traveling at the speed of this limit. Under such conditions, drivers should take extra precautions to avoid an accident such as driving below the speed limit and maintaining enough space to brake properly.

If you suffered damages as a result of a truck accident during dangerous weather conditions, schedule a consultation today. An attorney experienced in handling Charlotte truck accidents involving bad weather could inform you of your eligibility to obtain compensation and help you build a solid claim to recoup damages.

Why is the Local Area Prone to Bad Weather Accidents?

Bad weather affects braking distance because of visibility issues and slick roads. As a result, drivers need to maintain the vehicle at a speed such that it can stop when it needs to given the conditions. That usually means slowing down. Those are often the issues on the Charlotte roads in bad weather. This would require the driver not to drive at the speed limit, but well below it.

What are the Warning Signs of Dangerous Road Conditions?

Drivers should be hypervigilant of the conditions of the road when driving during dangerous conditions. During the winter, rain could potentially freeze on the road. If a driver notices that they are losing traction on their vehicle, they should reduce their speed. The same should also be done when visibility is minimal. If the driver continues to experience difficulty operating or viewing what is in front of them, they should pull over to the side of the road and wait for the conditions to subside.

Steps to Take Following a Bad Weather Accident

After being involved in a truck accident, the victim should immediately seek medical attention if they have a serious injury. They should have their family call the attorney to document the scene and take as much evidence as they can get.

A driver needs to be vigilant on the road conditions. If they are uncomfortable driving with the conditions at the time, they should pull over to a safe place and wait until the weather changes, if there is a guarantee that it will change.

Impact on Assignment of Fault

Dangerous weather could affect the assignment of fault in a truck accident in Charlotte in some ways. The lawyer has to prove that the driver of the truck was negligent given the weather conditions. If a driver is hit by lighting and causes an accident, that is an unavoidable situation. But in low visibility, when a truck driver is driving at a speed that is not reasonable for the conditions, that is negligence.

Any type of accident case is a fact-driven situation. Lawyers know all of the different methods to prove a case. The facts are so important, including weather reports and expert opinions on driving techniques during weather. It is not something one can handle on their own. They need experienced lawyers who have handled cases just like that.

Get in Touch with a Charlotte Bad Weather Truck Accident Attorney Today

There are many dangers that come with driving during hazardous weather conditions. For truck drivers, matters can be made worse if their vehicle is not properly maintained, if they are inexperienced, and/or if their visibility is extremely limited. Under such conditions, an accident is bound to occur, placing other drivers in harm’s way.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by bad weather, get in touch with a Charlotte bad weather truck accident lawyer today.