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In North Carolina, a person is legally allowed to start driving with a learner’s permit at the age of 15. They can get their provisional driver’s license at 16 with their restrictions lifted after six months of safe driving, where they would then be able to obtain a full license. However, just because a novice driver is able to obtain their license, some young drivers may be too careless and inexperienced to prevent an accident.

If you suffered injury as a result of a novice driver’s careless actions, do not hesitate in contacting a Charlotte teen driver auto accident lawyer. A trusted attorney could advocate on your behalf to make sure that you are awarded the full amount of compensation owed to you.

Common Fact Patterns Associated with Teen Driver Accidents

Some common fact patterns associated with teen drivers is that they are more timid that they should be. For example, some novice drivers will take too long to make a turn when they have the right of way. They can also cause injury onto another driver if they are being inattentive or do not how to handle their vehicle. As a result, accidents involving younger drivers can be very serious depending on the type of injury involved and the level of inattentiveness exemplified by the teen driver.

What Should a Parent Tell Their Child Before Getting Behind the Wheel?

Parents should tell their children that the first thing they should do is call the police, and then they should contact their insurance company. If they are involved in a car accident, they need to know that they should not step out of the vehicle without making sure that it is safe to do so. If the vehicle is still drivable, they should pull the vehicle to somewhere where it is not in the way and it is not at risk of being hit by another vehicle.

Parents can help prevent their teens from becoming involved in a car accident by downloading apps to make sure that the phones cannot be used while driving. They also need to discipline their teenagers when they drive recklessly.

Unique Factors of a Teen Accident Case

If a driver is under 18 and they are injured in an accident, they cannot legally enter into any kind of contract with the insurance company to settle their case. That is why it is important to hire an attorney who will appoint a guardian ad litem for that person. They should make sure that if they were injured in the wreck by someone else’s negligence, that they are able to recover what they are owed.

Reach out to a Charlotte Teen Accident Attorney Today

After they have been injured in a car accident, families need to hire an attorney with access to multiple resources to actively and aggressively pursue their claims. Victims should hire a Charlotte teen driver car accident lawyer with the reputation and ability to ensure that they are represented.

If you or your child has suffered this type of injury and wish to obtain compensation, be sure to schedule a consultation today.