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Workers’ compensation settlements in Charlotte are fully voluntary in nature. It is not necessary that your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company agree to pay your claim. Also, you do not have to accept the settlement your employer or their insurance company offers you.

The settlement may not be the way to go in certain circumstances such as when you need to undergo significant surgery or are still unemployed. In other situations, settling may be an appropriate choice. It is possible to settle either your medical benefits or wage loss benefits or even both. Lump sum payments may also be possible in instances of permanent injury such as facial scarring, amputation injury, vision or hearing loss, or paralysis. For more information about workers’ compensation settlements in Charlotte, contact a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney.

Basics of Workers’ Compensation Settlement Agreements

In permanent partial disability cases, several employers may offer a settlement that equals or is a little lower than the monetary amount that someone may be awarded as part of their workers’ compensation claim. However, it is important to note that the injured employee may be asked to forfeit something in exchange for this type of settlement.

The worker may have to give up the right to any medical care in future, the right to claim that a medical condition was associated with their workers’ compensation claim, or the right to argue that they are totally and permanently disabled. A skilled personal injury lawyer could help anyone considering a settlement evaluate all aspects before making such an important decision.

The approval of a North Carolina Deputy Commissioner is necessary for such lump sum settlements. These are also known as a Compromise Settlement Agreement (CSA) or a Clincher Agreement.

Working Out a Settlement in Charlotte

A person may want to seek an attorney’s opinion before they agree to a workers’ compensation settlement in Charlotte. This is because they may not be aware of the types of benefits they are entitled to and an attorney can help create a thorough list of available benefits. ­­­

A case may be suitable for settlement if the person involved is unable to resume the job they had prior to getting hurt. Also, if this injured employee or worker’s case has been denied by the Industrial Commission and the chances of recovery are bleak, the worker can consider a settlement if it seems the best option for their individual circumstances.

After speaking to an attorney, if the injured worker decides to settle, it is important to take into consideration future medical care and future indemnity benefits if these factors are applicable to their claim. Also, if they are recipients of social security disability benefit, there may be some offset that must be included in the settlement.

Consulting a Lawyer About Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Charlotte

Consulting a qualified workers’ compensation attorney in Charlotte could be helpful when involved in a settlement proceeding with your employer. This could help ensure that you receive all the benefits you deserve. The settlement could be brokered directly with the attorney representing the employer’s insurance company and handled in the best possible way to maximize your benefits. To learn more about how a lawyer could help you with workers’ compensation settlements in Charlotte, call to schedule a consultation.