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Refusing medical treatment at the scene of a car accident is a mistake. A lot of times after a car accident a person’s body may be filled with adrenaline that  may hide an injury or make it less noticeable. For example, certain parts of a person’s body may be in pain but they may not think that they are seriously injured only to find out a day or even hours later that they have to go to the emergency room.

People make this mistake just after a car accident because they may not feel that they are hurt and they do not want to go to the hospital and wait hours in an emergency room. Speak with a Durham car accident lawyer to see how your medical treatment or lack thereof can impact the value of your claim.

Case Impact

Often insurance companies question why the plaintiff did not seek immediate medical care when they feel like they have a problem now resulting from the accident. The insurance company is suggesting that the injury must not be that serious. This makes it extremely important to seek immediate medical care after you have been in a car accident.

The mistake of not receiving medical care at the scene of the accident can impact the car accident case by possibly implying that by not seeking medical attention immediately, the individual may not be suffering from a serious injury.

Treatment Gaps

There are many kinds of gaps in treatment, meaning long stretches of time between visits to a doctor. Gaps in treatment can allow the insurance company to argue that there must not be significant injuries if there are significant gaps from treatment or that there is another cause for the issue that the individual is having.

The same goes for not following doctor’s instructions. Arguments will be made by the insurance company that an individual must not have the types of injuries that they are complaining about if they were unwilling to follow doctor’s advice. It is important to know that everything that happens in your medical case will be evaluated as part of the arguments made by insurance companies. The goal of the insurance companies is to diminish the amount of money that they are willing to pay on your claim.

Real World Constraints

Bills still have to be paid even though an individual was in a car accident. Regular bills keep coming and food has to be on the table. A lot of times, people are stuck having to continue to work and continue to provide for their family, and that may run against their ability to get to physical therapy appointments or follow-up medical care.