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Individuals like to think that when they go to the emergency room, they will be treated and made better from whatever injury or ailment is bothering them.

While this is the case most instances, sometimes patients become more injured or even sicker, just because they visited the place that was supposed to make them better.

The most common cause for this is a delayed or improper diagnosis. Whatever the reason is, when patients have been harmed due to emergency room errors, it is important that individuals contact a qualified Durham emergency room errors lawyer to seek compensation for their suffering.

Common Emergency Room Errors

Unfortunately, there are many errors that can happen in the emergency room, either while patients are waiting to be treated, or while they are receiving treatment from a doctor or nurse. The most common emergency room errors in Durham are:

  • Errors in diagnosis. This can include failing to recognize symptoms, not taking patients’ description of symptoms seriously, incorrect diagnosis, and/or delayed diagnosis
  • Errors made in triage
  • Lack of a thorough medical history taken
  • Inadequate or improper tests ordered
  • Test findings improperly analyzed
  • Neglecting to tell patients test results
  • Wrong dosage or medication given
  • Delay of medical treatment

When something goes wrong in an emergency room, patients are often left wondering how it could have happened. Most often it is because emergency rooms by nature are busy and hectic places. But sadly, there are many possible reasons why these errors happen.

Causes of Errors

Unfortunately, there is a lot that can go wrong in an emergency room, and there might be more than one reason for it. The three most common causes of the above emergency room errors are a lack of staff, long waiting periods, and rushed doctors and nurses.

Lack of Staff

Hospitals are busy places that need a lot of staff to keep things running smoothly. However, with underfunding, most hospitals do not have the funds needed to keep an adequate number of staff members on at any one time. That lack of staff sometimes translates directly into a lack of care for patients, as there just simply are not enough qualified people to properly attend to patients.

Long Waiting Times

While these long waiting times are certainly an inconvenience, they can cause actual damage. With some sicknesses and injuries, this can play a crucial role in making the patient much worse. Strokes, seizures, shock, internal bleeding, and injuries sustained from accidents can all get much worse with delayed wait times.

Rushed & Negligent Care Takers

When doctors and nurses are too rushed to pay patients the attention they should, or if they think the patient is simply exaggerating their problem, patients are sometimes neglected, which can lead to emergency room errors.

Talk to an Attorney Today 

Proving liability in emergency room errors cases can be difficult for many reasons. Firstly, it can be difficult to determine whether the doctor was an employee of the hospital or an independent contractor, and there are certain stipulations that must be in place before any hospital staff can be held accountable for their actions. An attorney experienced with emergency room error cases in Durham can help bring forward a suit that determines the appropriate course of action to take and who to hold accountable.

If you have waited or been treated in an emergency room, and you believe your injury or sickness was made worse because of it, speak to a professional emergency room errors lawyer in Durham as soon as possible.

An experienced Durham emergency room errors attorney has the experience needed when dealing with these kinds of cases and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.