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When a Durham landlord fails to uphold their end of the lease, unsafe housing conditions could be the result. In that situation, a tenant injured by an unsafe housing condition could seek compensation from the landlord. These claims can be challenging without the guidance of a thoughtful personal injury attorney.

If your landlord has failed to address safety issues in your home and injuries are the result, you could benefit from discussing your claim with a Durham unsafe housing injuries lawyer. If successful, you could recoup some of the rent you have paid for renting substandard housing.

Common Unsafe Housing Injuries

There are many ways unsafe housing conditions can result in the illness or injury of a tenant. While landlords have an unwritten duty to keep the rental property in a livable condition, many fail to keep up their end of the bargain. These failures could result in severe, life-altering medical conditions in the wrong circumstances.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious disease is a serious issue in many unsafe housing conditions. When homes fail to provide clean running water, the risk of spreading infection grows dramatically. These infections could spread thanks to the inability to dispose of wastewater or the lack of clean drinking water in general. In addition to infectious diseases, unsafe water could result in a wide range of health concerns. Should water overflow into the home, it could result in additional health complications.

Wet Walls

Wet walls or carpet have an increased risk of accumulating mold or mildew. These factors could cause significant diseases and trigger asthma episodes. Additionally, these damp conditions could even have an impact on a tenant’s mental health.

Failure to Address Necessary Repairs

Physical injuries are also common following a landlord’s failure to address necessary repairs. For example, a broken banister could lead to devastating fall injuries. Faulty wiring could cause traumatic burns if they led to a fire. When unsafe housing conditions result in injuries, a Durham attorney could help hold the landlord accountable through legal action.

Children’s Vulnerability to Harmful Living Conditions

Few suffer from unsafe housing conditions more than small children. Not only are children more susceptible to infections or chronic diseases, but dangerous conditions could also hamper their development. Dirty water and polluted air could result in life-long health complications, including asthma. A Durham unsafe housing injuries lawyer could serve as an advocate for a child injured by harmful living conditions.

Impact of Unsafe Housing Conditions on Rent Payments in Durham

When a landlord fails to make necessary repairs in or around a rental property, they could be in violation of the terms of the lease. This situation can lead people to believe it is unfair that they should have to continue paying rent while unsafe conditions go unaddressed. Unfortunately, the failure to pay rent could be a mistake.

State law requires a tenant to continue paying rent according to the lease no matter what unsafe conditions might be present. Only a court order can end a tenant’s requirement to continue paying. Failing to pay under the terms of the lease could cost a tenant additional expenses of dealing with an eviction, and it could make pursuing damages against the landlord more challenging.

How a Durham Unsafe Housing Injuries Attorney Could Help

If you are living with injuries or illnesses caused by uninhabitable rental property, you could have a viable legal claim against your landlord. In addition to recovering compensation, this action could also spur your landlord to make much-needed repairs.

You do not have to face down your landlord on your own. Call a Durham unsafe housing injuries lawyer to learn more.