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Settling a truck collision case in Durham has many benefits with just as many disadvantages. On one hand, by settling a case, you would be ensuring that you receive some form of compensation and you do not have to stress yourself by traversing through the legal system. However, once a claim is settled, you may not be able to reopen the case if the amount that was agreed upon is not worth the amount you are owed.

If you have been the victim of a truck collision and are debating whether to accept an early offer, schedule a consultation today. An experienced attorney can help you with settling a truck accident case in Durham and advise you on what you should do.

Possible Settlement Options Available for a Truck Accident Settlement in Durham?

When a person files a truck collision claim, they may be presented with a settlement offer at various points throughout the life of a case. Offers can be made early, late, or right before trial. Although some cases never settled and are resolved in court, it is safe to say that most cases end through a settlement.

Settlement options may vary depending on when the offer is being made. Early on in a case, a victim may be presented with a compromised settlement that may not be worth the full amount of compensation the victim is looking for. If the case is settled right before trial, the victim might be able to recover close to the full value of the case. However, these offers depend on the specific circumstances of the case and the victim’s tolerance for risk of obtaining nothing at trial.

Specific Information to Have on you During an Initial Consultation

When going to the initial consultation with a truck wreck attorney, the victim should bring forth any medical information they have regarding the extent of their injury, as well as a copy of the police report detailing the elements of the accident, if they have this available. It is also recommended to bring any insurance information, as well as any information they have for their health insurance company.

Why Would Someone Settle their Case?

The person deciding whether a case should be settled is not the attorney, it is the victim who sustained injuries from the collision. Although it is recommended for victims to listen and adhere to the guidance of an experienced attorney, the decision ultimately lies with the plaintiff.

An attorney will advise to not settle a claim if the offer is not worth the amount of compensation the victim is looking for because once the case is settled, the victim will not be able to retract their decision. As a result, it is vital that individuals presented with a settlement offer should review their decision with an attorney to ensure that they are not settling for anything lower than the compensation that they are entitled.

However, by refusing to accept a settlement, the victim is showing that they are willing to take their chances in court. If the court finds that the victim is owed substantially less than what they are asking for and awards them a low damage award, the victim has no choice but to accept the award. Additionally, it does not matter if any prior settlement offers were worth more than the court’s finding. Once the court decides the amount that they believe the victim is entitled to and the case is resolved, the victim will not be able to file the same case again.

Get in Touch with an Attorney Today

When deciding whether to accept a settlement or take your case to trial, it is strongly advised to consult with an attorney before making any decision. Although it can sometimes be easier to accept a settlement and end the case, victims may be selling themselves short if they choose to do so since some offers may not be anywhere near the total amount of damages owed to the plaintiff.

Considering the expensive monetary damages often seen in truck accident cases, victims should discuss the option of settling a truck collision case in Durham with a knowledgeable attorney today.