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If you were injured on the job, you might be facing an extensive recovery time, a mountain of medical bills, and an inability to work. As a result you might wish to pursue benefits through the workers’ compensation system to recover lost wages and other associated costs.

However, navigating the claims process alone is often confusing and complex, meaning the benefits of a Durahm workers’ compensation attorney could be crucial and extensive. For example, when filing for workers’ comp benefits, there are numerous forms that must be filled out correctly. Furthermore, insurance adjusters often try to trick injured workers into making statements that could deny them benefits.

To this end, the role of a workers’ compensation lawyer would be to help an injured person obtain the benefits they need, including dealing directly with the insurance company on the applicant’s behalf, as well as helping to correctly file forms. Furthermore, a legal professional familiar with the claims process could even seek to reach a settlement that would close out the workers’ compensation case for a lump sum, if applicable.

The Knowledge and Resources of a Legal Professional

A knowledgeable lawyer who is familiar with the complexities of the workers’ compensation system could help an injured claimant through each step of the legal process using their skills and resources. For instance, a skilled attorney could help an applicant to frame their statements in a way that is both accurate and truthful in order to clearly delineate how an injury happened and why benefits should be granted.

A seasoned legal professional likely has resources that a claimant would not have on their own. This might include the ability to file particular motions and specific paperwork with the Industrial Commission, which allows them to ask for hearings and to request medical treatment be approved. Furthermore, if a claim is denied or portions of the claim are denied—such as medical treatment—a persistent attorney might be able to fight for an appeal on the injured worker’s behalf and stand up to the insurance company at the Industrial Commission.

 Simplifying the Workers’ Compensation Process

The idea of facing the workers’ compensation system might be daunting and overwhelming, especially as you recover from your injuries. To help ease the process, a proactive legal professional could help to shoulder the burdens of a claim, from determining if an injury qualifies for benefits, to interviewing witnesses and working tirelessly to file a persuasive claim.

Understanding the scope of the benefits of a Durham workers’ compensation attorney could mean the difference between facing a denial or a successful claim. To get started today, reach out to a legal professional for help.