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If you were injured on-the-job, you might wish to pursue benefits through the workers’ compensation system. While some worksite accidents might only lead to minor scrapes and bruises, others could result in severe trauma that requires medical care and time off of work—meaning the benefits offered under workers’ comp might be essential to your recovery.

As a result, you might benefit from contacting a well-versed lawyer to discuss filing a Durham workers’ compensation claim. By working with an attorney who is familiar with the claims process, you could understand your rights and have help with each step.

What is Required to File a Claim?

In Durham, an injured worker is required to file a written report of an accident within 30 days of sustaining an injury on-the-job. While there might be exceptions to this timeframe, it is advisable to try to meet this deadline.

This report could be through an email, a text message, or a written note, along with filing a Form 18. Included in this report should be the date of their injury, a list of medical providers they have seen, and a description of how the accident occurred. Because it is important to be accurate and thorough from the very beginning of a claim, it might prove beneficial to work with a detail-oriented attorney for help.

When Might a Person Not Qualify for Benefits?

Unfortunately, there are numerous circumstances where a person might not be entitled to workers’ compensation.  For example, if a person was injured in an accident that occurred while they were performing their job in their normal way. So, if a truck driver is climbing into their truck and experiences pain or suffers an injury, this would most likely not qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. However, if the same incident occurred where ice was involved and the person slipped, this would be considered an accident—and, therefore, a workers’ compensation claim.

Furthermore, it might be difficult for a person to file a valid claim if they do not remember the date of the accident when filing a claim. Similarly, if a person is unsure of how an accident occurred, this lack of information might negatively impact a claim. However, if a claim is initially denied, there is a chance that an appeal might help to reevaluate the accident and reach a different conclusion.

Call a Lawyer for Help With Filing a Durham Workers’ Compensation Claim