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In March 2020, our team at Whitley Law Firm got involved with Friends of Wake County Animal Center for Spay and Neuter Days to help with the problem of uncontrolled breeding of strays, abandoned animals, or even pets. We want to keep our four-legged friends off the streets and in people’s homes by helping control breeding. Back in March, our team donated $5,000 to these efforts.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the Friends of Wake County Animal Center (FWCAC) had to close down this clinic for a few months to decrease exposure to the virus. However, the program was able to start again on Monday, August 10th. For Spay and Neuter Days round two! The facility was able to make our donation stretch for a few more days so that more animals were able to get fixed to help decrease the amount of uncontrolled breeding.

Since our community is still being affected by COVID-19, the Friends of Wake County Animal Center took precautions to keep everyone safe. FWCAC partnered with Capital Boulevard Animal Hospital & Pet Inn the spay and neuter days. All the surgeries took place at the animal hospital located at 6471 Triangle Plantation Dr, Suite 101 Raleigh, NC 27616. When dropping animals off at the Animal Hospital, owners were not allowed to get out of their car. Veterinarian staff met owners at their car to pick up and deliver pets without contact. This was to ensure the safety of the owners and staff.

Thank you to everyone who helped us spread the word and donated to this event. With your help, this program helped diminish the number of unwanted births, lowering the euthanasia rate, and overpopulation at the county shelter.

There is also another FWCAC program our team at Whitley Law Firm is involved with to help animals affected by COVID-19 called the “No Empty Bowl” Project. This project works to give families free food for their pets. To find out how to get involved with this project, or how to get food, please visit our “No Empty Bowl” Project page.