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A head-on collision is a traffic collision in which the vehicle impact is in the front of the vehicle. Even if the airbags deploy, injuries sustained in a head-on collision can often be serious, if not deadly.

If you sustain serious injuries in a head-on collision in Greensboro, North Carolina, it may be a good idea to contact a Greensboro head-on collision lawyer who could help you recover damages, allowing you to focus on recovery. Get in touch with an experienced accident attorney right away to begin your claim.

Recoverable Compensation

When a driver suffers an injury because of another driver’s negligence, the victim may be entitled to recover damages, which is a financial award to compensate the victim for losses that were caused by the accident. Damage awards include actual losses, general damages, and punitive damages.

Actual losses include compensation that the injured victim can measure with a dollar value, such as medical bills the injure victim incurred, a loss of income from being unable to work during recovery, and the repair or replacement value of their vehicle that was damaged in the head-on collision. General damages are recoverable compensation that requires more nuance to determine the value, such as the injured victim’s pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life.

Finally, punitive damages are intended to punish the negligent driver. They may be awarded when the negligent driver acts wantonly either by their actions which led to the head-on collision, or because of a pattern of reckless behavior.

Modified Comparative Negligence

Like the rest of North Carolina, Greensboro follows a contributory negligence standard in head-on collision accident cases. Under this theory, injured victims who bear some fault in causing the accident or exacerbating their injuries may be denied recovery for their injuries. To be eligible for compensatory damages in North Carolina, the injured victim cannot be found even the slightest bit responsible by a court for the accident resulting in their injury.

For example, a person driving five miles over the speed limit may have exacerbated the injuries they sustained in an accident. If a court determines this represents liability on their part, they will not be able to recover, even if another driver speeding through a traffic signal without the right of way was the catalyst for the accident and bore the majority of the fault.

Contacting a Greensboro Head-on Collision Lawyer

An individual who is injured in a head-on collision may benefit from the assistance of an experienced Greensboro head-on collision attorney. Seasoned attorneys have reviewed countless accident scenes, so they may be more likely to recognize when something in an accident scene is atypical.

A head-on collision attorney in Greensboro could review medical records so they are familiar with the types of injuries your accident may have caused. They could also negotiate with representatives at insurance companies on your behalf, a task which can be overwhelming if you attempt to do it alone.

If a head-on collision in Greensboro, North Carolina leaves you injured, it may be in your best interests to contact an experienced legal advocate. Call a Greensboro head-on collision lawyer today to potentially find peace of mind and increase the chances of a positive outcome in your case.