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Texting while driving is a dangerous activity that places not just the drivers of cars, but also other people at a serious risk of harm. This is such a problem on today’s streets that many jurisdictions have made this activity illegal. Greensboro is one of these jurisdictions. While texting while driving is not a criminal offense, evidence of a conviction in traffic court for this infraction could serve as powerful evidence of defendant responsibility for a car accident.

People who text while driving are almost certainly at-fault for an accident that results in physical injuries. Even so, demanding compensation following these incidents is a complicated matter. It is necessary to keep track of any case in traffic court as well as to make an accurate accounting of your losses to bring the compensation that you need.

A Greensboro texting while driving car accident attorney may be able to help you. Experienced attorneys could provide more information about the state’s texting while driving laws, work to investigate the facts of the accident, and use these pieces of information to pursue your claim for all needed compensation.

Texting as a Distracting Influence when Behind the Wheel

Driving on any of Greensboro’s roads or streets demands a person’s full attention. Any action that a driver takes that allows their attention to slip for even a second places all other people at a serious risk of harm. In fact, distracted driving is perhaps the most common source of car accidents in Greensboro.

No act of distracted driving is as needless and common as texting while driving. Texters might take the eyes off the road for multiple seconds and significantly decrease their reaction times in case of an emergency. This has become such a problem that the state legislature has made texting while driving a citable offense.

Laws that Prohibit Texting While Driving

North Carolina Statute §20-137.4A states that any person who uses a mobile phone to enter letters into a text message or any other form of electronic communication while driving commits a traffic infraction. Similarly, it is illegal for any driver to read any form of electronic communication while behind the wheel. While this is not a criminal offense, and a conviction could only result in a fine of $100, a conviction does have consequences for any subsequent civil claim for damages.

A concept of law called negligence per se allows civil courts to assume that a defendant is negligent in an accident case if their actions violated a law designed to protect the public safety. The texting while driving statute is a prime example of this dynamic. If a traffic court enters a conviction against a defendant, the civil court could take this conviction as proof that a defendant was indeed texting while driving. It follows that the civil court would assume that a defendant was at fault for any resulting accident. A Greensboro texting while driving car accident attorney could provide more information about the texting while driving law and how it may interact with a plaintiff’s claim for damages.

Contact a Greensboro Texting While Driving Car Accident Attorney

Texting while driving is one of the most reckless things that a person could do. Taking one’s attention off the road for even a second to read a message distracts a driver to the point that they are unable to react to dangerous situations that require their immediate attention. This often leads to serious accidents that inflict significant physical injuries, economic losses, and mental anguish.

If you have suffered an injury in an accident that was the result of the defendant texting while driving, you may have a powerful claim for compensation. Laws allow courts to assume defendant fault in cases where they violated a rule of the road. Even so, demanding appropriate compensation following these accidents is key to receiving proper payments.

A Greensboro texting while driving car accident attorney may be able to help. Attorneys could work to conduct an initial investigation into the accident, to determine whether a defendant was texting behind the wheel, and to utilize this information to build a powerful case for damages. Reach out to a Greensboro texting while driving car accident lawyer today to learn more.