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Life can happen in the blink of the eye. People that are perfectly healthy can be injured in vehicle accidents, permanently disabling themselves, through no fault of their own. Still, other people are born with lifelong challenges that make it difficult then impossible later in life to work. In those cases, it can be necessary to file an application for Social Security benefits with the Social Security Administration.

Filing an application for Social Security benefits can be challenging and appealing a denied claim is even more complex. Having a local attorney assist with the process increases the chances that the application will be approved the first time and benefits can be awarded.

If you are applying for benefits or filing an appeal through the Social Security Administration in Greensboro, contact an experienced injury attorney for a case review. Because this area of the law can be complex, working with a Greensboro Social Security lawyer will help to clarify all the necessary steps and documents.

Applying for Social Security Benefits

Applying for Social Security benefits is daunting. There are income restrictions for eligibility, which can vary, depending on the nature and extent of the applicant’s injuries. A Social Security Disability Income applicant must be disabled, unable to perform work they previously performed, and remain unable to perform other work because of the same disability.

Moreover, when applying for any type of benefit from the Social Security Administration, the applicant must ensure that the application is error free, required documentation is provided, and deadlines are met.

For many disabled individuals, tracking down the documentation needed for the Social Security Administration to process the application can be difficult, particularly when it requires traveling.

A skilled local Social Security lawyer in Greensboro is familiar with the application process so they can avoid the pitfalls that often result in applications being denied. Further, an attorney can be immensely helpful by contacting other entities for needed documentation and working to get requested documentation sent to the case processer by established deadlines.

Benefit Denials

Social Security benefit applications are denied for various reasons, many of which are avoidable. Benefits are not intended for every person that is unable to work. The Social Security Administration requires the applicant to be disabled for at least 12 months to be eligible and many applicants are denied when the expected recovery time is less.

Not providing medical records, attending an appointment with an approved physician, and following a physician’s treatment could result in an application for Social Security benefits being denied. Additionally, a significant number of applications are denied because of technicalities and issues with paperwork.

Options Following a Denial

Applicants have a few options following a denied Social Security application. An attorney can assist the applicant in submitting a request for reconsideration, which is requesting a second review of the application. They can provide any additional information that would be favorable to the case, which may include additional documentation about the extent of the disability, if needed.

An applicant also has the right to a hearing after an application is denied. During the administrative legal hearing, the applicant is given the chance to tell a judge why the decision made is incorrect. An administrative judge makes a decision and if the application remains denied, the applicant can appeal that decision.

The appealed decision will either be remanded for a new hearing or resolved. If the decision remains unsatisfactory, the internal appeal options are resolved; however, the case can be appealed in federal court.

Contacting a Greensboro Social Security Lawyer Attorney

If you believe you are not receiving the full Social Security benefits that you are entitled to, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Greensboro Social Security lawyer who can make sure that your rights are protected and that you get all of the compensation that you should be.