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      Many hardworking North Carolinians work in the construction industry and building trade as civil engineers, architects, electricians, framers, painters, masons, and carpenters.

      Despite its size and proliferation throughout the country, however, construction remains one of the most dangerous employment areas to work in, leading to countless injuries and millions of dollars in medical bills.

      A Greensboro construction accident lawyer is knowledgeable of the complicated state and federal regulations specific to construction accidents. If you were injured in a construction accident, a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer could help you navigate the applicable regulations to help you recover compensation for your losses.

      What Are Common Causes of Construction Accidents?

      Numerous incidents occur daily at construction sites that may lead to construction accidents. An accident may result from falling debris, equipment malfunctions, negligence, or just a simple or seemingly innocuous mistake by a construction worker.

      It is not uncommon for construction workers, including subcontractors, to be reckless or negligent while on construction sites. Working in such a dangerous environment regularly can numb employees to the ever-present risks of construction jobs.

      Since the environment is so dangerous, reckless behaviors that may have had no impact in a different location can be deadly on a construction site. When employees are reckless, other employees and the public may be placed in dangerous situations that result in injuries or worse.

      Defining Workplace Hazards

      In addition to employee negligence, other common causes of construction accidents include slippery surfaces, defective or damaged scaffolding or ladders, improper disposal of materials, and exposure to hazardous chemicals. Employees and others that have access to the construction site could also suffer an injury because of floor rot, which can leave people vulnerable to falling through the floor, exposed electrical wiring, and numerous other safety code violations.

      Understanding the Impact of Construction Accident Injuries

      The range of injuries stemming from construction accidents can be comparatively minimal, resulting in serious injuries, or ending in death. Some of the more common and severe issues someone could suffer from include hearing, eye or head injuries, broken bones, lacerations, burns, and respiratory diseases. In the most extreme cases, a construction accident may result in limb amputation, paralysis, or death.

      Any of the listed injuries can dramatically impact an injured victim’s life in the short term. More often, however, they have long-term effects on the injured victim’s life. These injuries would limit the individual’s ability to work and remain involved in personal activities, and may also affect an injured victim’s emotional health, personal relationships. A Greensboro construction accident lawyer knows that the financial impact of the injury could be devastating.

      How an Attorney Can Help

      Although a Greensboro construction accident attorney cannot prevent the reckless or negligent acts that resulted in the accident, they may provide injured victims the support they need to protect their families’ future.

      An attorney could work to get an injured victim of a construction accident appropriate medical treatment needed for recovery, while also completing the legal legwork needed to ensure the injured victim’s rights and interests are represented.

      Since construction accidents in Greensboro may necessitate an injured victim changing their life and future, it is important to seek assistance from an experienced construction accident attorney. Contact a Greensboro construction accident lawyer today for more information.