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      The government takes workers’ rights very seriously. The Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) was enacted as a means of protecting employees by imposing minimum wage requirements, establishing overtime pay standards and rates, and enacting youth employment rules.

      Despite these well-recognized protections, there are thousands of employees across the country that do not receive the compensation they are due. Alternatively, as a business owner, employees have been filing complaints against their employers in an attempt to receive unjust compensation.

      If you believe that your employer has withheld compensation you are entitled to by violating the Fair Labor Standards Act, contact an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer today to discuss your case. Not only can a Greensboro FLSA lawyer represent an employee, but a lawyer can also represent a business of any size defend against an FLSA complaint.

      Fair Labor Standards Act

      In Greensboro, the Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that is designed to protect nearly every worker. It requires that a vast majority of employees in Greensboro receive at least the federal minimum wage for all hours the employee works and that an employee who works over 40 hours in a week is paid time and a half. The Fair Labor Standard Act divides most workers into one of two categories, exempt or nonexempt, and the distinction between these classifications is crucial for an employee to understand.

      An employee who is making $10 an hour must be paid at least $15 an hour for each hour that employee works over 40 hours in a week. An exempt employee is not protected under the FLSA, and are therefore may not be entitled to receive overtime pay. A nonexempt employee, however, must be paid at least the minimum wage and is entitled to time and one-half of their regular pay rate for each hour of worked overtime.


      All workers are entitled to be fully compensated for their work. However, some employers will take advantage of their employees and will not pay them the compensation they are due. It is important to know and protect your rights with the help of a Greensboro Fair Labor Standards Act lawyer.

      The FLSA divides most workers as either exempt or nonexempt, and when an employer does not pay a worker fairly, the employer may be in violation of the Fair Labors Standard Act in Greensboro. Some of the most common lawsuits employees file under the FLSA include those for:

      • Failure to pay overtime
      • Failure to pay workers for all the time they work
      • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors
      • Paying per-diem
      • Paying hourly workers a “salary”

      Employees whose rights have been violated under the Fair Labor Standards Act may be entitled to compensation for their wages as well as other compensation for their lost time and energy.

      Local Representation for Employers

      Even the most diligent and fair employers need to be concerned with Fair Labor Standards Act litigation. The FLSA can affect almost any employer, from small family-run businesses to large national and international corporations.

      With a recent increase in the numbers of employees filing FLSA suits in federal courts, an employer needs a diligent and committed FLSA lawyer to protect their business.

      Any violation of the FLSA requirements can result in not only an employer having to pay for all the employees’ alleged time, but the federal government can impose a penalty for twice the amount of the unpaid wages. Therefore, as a business owner, it is critical to contact a Greensboro FLSA lawyer with any concerns regarding the Fair Labor Standard Act.

      Talk to a Greensboro FLSA Attorney Today

      A Greensboro FLSA lawyer can help with all FLSA complaints, whether you are an employee who has not been paid properly for your work, or if you are an employer who is defending against an allegation under the FLSA.