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A wrongful death can come from anywhere, including a drunk driver, an act of violence, or a routine surgery gone awry. Wherever it comes from, it leaves a void in the lives of those left behind.

If your loved one passed due to the willful or negligent actions of another, you do not have to face your situation alone. Experienced Greensboro wrongful death lawyers are available to help. Filing a wrongful death claim with an experienced injury attorney can help give you the opportunity to hold the at-fault party accountable in civil court, regardless of whether there is a criminal case.

Filing a Claim

Wrongful death lawyers understand that no legal proceedings can restore the void left after a loved one has been passed. They understand their clients may simply want to move forward. A wrongful death claim may be the last action they feel like taking in the midst of their grief. However, it is important for their future and their peace-of-mind, that they speak to a qualified Greensboro wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.

Working with an experienced lawyer can help them obtain the compensation to move forward after their loss. When someone has dealt with unsuccessful medical treatment, funeral costs– and potentially the loss of some family income– they certainly will not want to bear these financial burdens on top of their grief.

In addition to financial compensation, a wrongful death claim can also hold those at fault accountable, discouraging them, and others, from practicing the dangerous behaviors that led to their loss in the first place. Whether the at-fault party is a single person, a property owner, or a powerful institution, Greensboro wrongful death lawyers are not afraid to stand up to them and help their client claim what is theirs. They have worked on a number of unique cases and faced a number of opponents in the courtroom.

Common Causes

There are many different causes for wrongful death, and therefore, different people may be at fault. If someone died from a fall on another person’s property, for instance, the property owner may be at fault. If a person was killed from an exploding airbag, there may be grounds to sue the auto or airbag manufacturer, depending on the circumstances.

If someone’s loved one’s life was cut short by a drunk driver, the driver will likely be the one at fault. In the end, Greensboro wrongful death attorneys will listen attentively to their client’s unique story, calculate the monetary value of the losses they have suffered, and devise a sound legal strategy based on that information. Other examples of common wrongful death suits include:

  • Poisoning or anaphylaxis from improperly labeled food
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Medical mistakes
  • Equipment malfunctions

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

There are several people impacted by a person’s untimely death. Therefore, the state of North Carolina allows several different parties to file a claim. However, only one person can be deemed the “personal representative” and make legal decisions surrounding the departed’s estate. Usually, the parties who decide to file a claim are:

  • Spouses
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Other heirs
  • Legatees (someone bequeathed a part of the estate)

If you belong to any of these categories, or even if you do not, you may be entitled to compensation for the death of your loved one. If you wish to pursue just compensation for your loss, contact a Greensboro wrongful death lawyer today.