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When two cars are involved in a head-on collision, passengers may sustain serious injuries. Head-on collisions are generally considered to be the most severe type of car accident, and each year, they result in numerous deaths around the country.

It is possible to hold the person responsible for the crash liable in court with the help of an experienced Greenville head-on collision lawyer.

Car accidents can be devastating. Not being able to work can result in major financial problems, but with help from a compassionate accident attorney, victims can obtain compensation for their suffering.

Establishing Responsibility

When two cars are involved in a head-on collision, it can be difficult to decide who is responsible for the crash. Head-on collisions are often caused at traffic lights or when cars travel in two different directions.

Sometimes, both drivers bear responsibility for the accident, and the person filing the suit may not be entitled to the amount of compensation they think they are.

The nature and the cause of the accident are extremely important, but even if a person is partially responsible for their own accident, they may still be able to receive compensation in court. This is what is known as “comparative fault,” and accident victims should discuss it with their Greenville head-on collision attorney at some point.

Resulting Injuries

When two collides collide head-on, the resulting impact is often likened to two walls colliding with each other. This is serious, and even when passengers are wearing seatbelts, they will more than likely sustain some type of injury.

As most drivers know, the amount of compensation a person receives will depend on the extent of their injuries, but even minor injuries can cause serious medical problems. Some of the most common injuries sustained in a head-on collision include:

  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Concussions
  • Whiplash
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Head and neck trauma
  • Permanent nerve damage

If a person injures their brain or spinal cord, they will more than likely need medical treatment for the rest of their life. Such injuries can also result in full or partial paralysis. If a person is injured in a head-on collision, a head-on collision attorney in Greenville may be able to help them recover damages.

The Importance of Medical Treatment

After being involved in a head-on collision, accident victims should immediately seek medical treatment. Certain types of injuries can take days to fully manifest, and even if an accident victim feels healthy, they should still visit a doctor.

After each medical visit, they should keep track of their receipts, and even make photocopies of them in case they need to go to court.

Victims also need to refrain from returning to work too early, and they should keep detailed records of the expenses incurred from the accident.

If a victim attempts to return to work too early, the insurance company of the responsible party will allege their injuries are not serious enough to warrant compensation. Throughout the process, victims should remain in close contact with their head-on collision lawyer.

Speak with a Greenville Head-On Collision Attorney Today

If you or someone you know has been injured in a head-on car accident, you will need the help of a skilled and trustworthy attorney. Personal injury laws can be extremely complex, and if you do not have the legal knowledge you need, you could easily ruin your own case. Contact a Greenville head-on collision lawyer to begin discussing your case.