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After an individual is involved in a pedestrian accident in Greenville, immediate medical care must be sought. If the pedestrian accident leads to an insurance claim, it is important that the injured pedestrian follow up with their doctor and follow a recommended treatment course as insurance companies will often look through records and determine if there is any significant gap in treatment. If there is a gap in the treatment, this can ultimately be used against the pedestrian later in any type of settlement.

Once medical attention is obtained, the next more important step is to consult with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer will help ensure that any necessary legal steps are taken after your accident to help strengthen your claim.

Contacting Law Enforcement

An individual should contact the police as soon as possible after a pedestrian accident occurs in Greenville. Thorough police investigations may be very helpful as it pertains to determining fault in liability and addressing the issue of contributory negligence.

Further, as soon as their health situation stabilizes and they have determined what their injuries are, it would be important to get in touch with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Personal injury law firms with experience are equipped to thoroughly investigate matters such as pedestrian accidents, marshal the evidence, and speak to doctors, making sure all damages are accounted for.

Collecting Driver’s Information

If those involved in the Greenville pedestrian accident are unable to exchange information, the police will likely have made a thorough investigation, have insurance information, and can collect information from the driver.

If the driver flees the scene, an individual should cooperate with police and law enforcement to make sure that all information is properly communicated so that the police may hopefully obtain information which leads to an arrest. A person injured in a hit-and-run could take any pictures that they may have of any relevant evidence and speak to witnesses who may be helpful.

An individual involved in such an accident should speak to any witnesses that may have seen the accident and collect their names and contact information. This can help the individual when filing a claim to recover damages after their Greenville pedestrian accident.

Speaking with Insurance Adjusters

After an individual is injured in a pedestrian accident in Greenville, all issues of facts are important as to how the accident happened, when it happened and who saw it happened. Non-attorneys often overlook the dangers of a contributory negligence defense and give statements to police officers or insurance adjusters without realizing that some statements may be argued as contributory negligence, and that as a result, there may not be any recovery.

Individuals should not disclose any sort of information they have about the accident to the other party’s insurance company until they have spoken with a qualified attorney. An experienced attorney will guide an individual on exactly what to say and how to act after their Greenville pedestrian accident to help ensure a successful reward.