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Slip and fall injuries are more common than most people realize. While these incidents may seem like just an accident, the actions or inactions of the property owner often contribute to the cause of the injury. When that is the case, that property owner can be held accountable for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

At Whitley Law Firm, we’ve proudly served clients throughout our community since 1974, championing compassion-forward legal service. We aren’t just here to fight for every cent you deserve—our team believes in making our clients feel safe and comfortable every step of the way.

When you become our client, we aim to put as little stress on your shoulders as possible. Not only will we take the lead on your case, but we will connect you with professionals in our community that can help facilitate your recovery. We will always prioritize your health and peace of mind over everything else. This is the Whitley Advantage. Contact our firm at (919) 785-5000 to learn more.

Potential Slip and Fall Damages You May Be Entitled to Collect

We use the term “damages” to refer to your financial and personal losses after an injury. Once our personal injury attorneys prove that another party caused your injury, we can demand compensation for these losses from their insurer.

The types of damages our team will pursue on your behalf include:

  • Medical expenses (past, current, and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning ability
  • Loss of quality of life due to a disabling injury
  • Anxiety, depression, or other emotional distress suffered due to the incident

Every slip and fall case is different, so our team will tailor our approach to your unique needs and losses. We want to pursue a settlement or verdict that will prepare you for the future and mitigate your current suffering.

What if I Was Partially Responsible for My Accident?

In North Carolina, personal injury cases are decided according to the contributory negligence rule. Per this law, you will not be entitled to compensation if you are even one percent responsible for your injuries. Unfortunately, the opposing legal counsel may try to twist the events in a way that places blame on you.

At Whitley Law Firm, we’re intimately familiar with contributory negligence and how to fight against predatory misuse of these laws. Negligent property owners should not be able to escape liability in this way.

With over 80 years of combined experience representing injured people in North Carolina, we are well-prepared to fight these tactics. We will build a strong case that defends and protects your right to compensation.

Proving Liability in a Slip and Fall Case

Demonstrating the negligence of the at-fault party always begins with evidence. While you could undergo the process of gathering and submitting evidence on your own, it may be an unnecessary burden on your shoulders. While you focus on your recovery, we will investigate your accident.

To bolster your case, we will gather the following types of evidence:

  • Footage of the accident
  • Incident reports
  • Witness statements
  • Expert insight
  • Proof of your damages

The Elements of Negligence

Once we’ve determined the cause and the liable party, we will use the information we gather to demonstrate the elements of negligence, including:

  • The property owner owed you a duty of care. For example, if you rent from the property owner, they have a legal obligation to maintain safe premises.
  • The owner breached their duty of care. Perhaps they knew of a hole in the parking lot and had neglected to block it off. Because the area was poorly lit at night, it became an unavoidable and dangerous hazard for you.
  • Their negligence caused your accident. If they had taken reasonable measures to prevent the accident, you would not have fallen and injured yourself.
  • You’ve suffered losses as a result of your fall. Your injuries, financial losses, and personal suffering must be a result of the incident.

Once we’ve established these elements of negligence, we can negotiate with the at-fault party for appropriate compensation. We will continue to use evidence of your losses to support our estimates of what you may be owed.

Types of Slip and Fall Cases We Handle in Greenville

Slip and fall cases fall under premises liability law. Generally, if a property owner failed to maintain reasonably safe premises, and you slipped or fell, we can hold them liable for your injuries.

Examples of slip and fall accidents we’ve handled include the following:

  • Tripping on a piece of loose flooring in a public building
  • Leaning on a loose railing that collapses
  • Stumbling and falling in an unlit, hazardous staircase
  • Slipping on a wet floor in a grocery store
  • Falling into or over a hole in the parking lot
  • Tripping over debris in a walkway or hallway

Whatever the cause of the slip or fall, the accident must have been caused by the negligence of a property owner, business, or other person overseeing the premises. However, If you’re unsure about whether your slip and fall requires legal help, don’t be afraid to ask.

At Whitley Law Firm, we’re committed to providing the transparent legal service that will be most helpful to you. During your free consultation, we can examine the details of your case to determine your next best steps.

Contact Our Greenville Slip and Fall Attorneys Today

At Whitley Law Firm, our team understands what you’re going through. We know that a slip and fall injury can impact your career, life enjoyment, and ability to support your family. For this reason, we are laser-focused on protecting your future and holding those responsible for your injuries to account.

To us, you aren’t just a client—you’re family. Here’s how we combine compassion and aggressive representation into a complete package for our clients:

  • Free and comprehensive case evaluations
  • Access to your attorney via their phone number and email
  • No-win, no-fee guarantees
  • Total case management via your legal advocate
  • Your best interests at the forefront of the legal battle
  • Personal support from a team that treats you like family

The Whitley Law Firm is prepared to put our nearly 50 years of successes and experience toward resolving your case. While we fight for the compensation you deserve, you can step away and direct your energy toward the recovery process. Call our firm at (919) 785-5000 to connect with a Greenville slip and fall lawyer.