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Applying for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits can be a rather lengthy process. You will need to provide a great deal of information to the Social Security Administration (SSA) concerning your medical conditions, your medical care and treatment, your work history, and how your medical conditions impact your ability to work or perform normal daily activities. SSA also will request medical records from your treating medical providers and may request that you be examined by another doctor at their expense before making a decision about your application for benefits. All of these steps are part of the Greenville SSDI application process. If you have questions about this process, reach out to a dedicated SSDI lawyer.

Information Need to Complete the SSDI Application Process

Individuals can apply for SSDI benefits through their local SSA offices, by telephone, or online at the SSA website. Since the application requires extensive amounts of information, it may be wise to gather this documentation prior to completing the application. Some of the general information that individuals may need to provide to complete their application for SSDI benefits include:

  • Details about current and prior marriages and spouses
  • Names and birth dates of minor or disabled children
  • Details about any educational background, including certifications and degrees, as well as highest grade completed and school names
  • Bank account type, account number, and routing number for the purposes of direct deposit

Medical Condition

People who are undergoing the Greenville SSDI application process also must provide detailed information about their medical conditions, as follows:

  • Date that medical conditions caused them to be unable to work
  • List of medical conditions
  • Contact information for all doctors and medical providers who have provided treatment and dates of treatment
  • Medical records already in their possession
  • List of medical tests and the provider that ordered them
  • List of medication names and dosages that they are currently taking

Employment Information

Individuals applying for SSDI benefits also must furnish SSA information with information about their current and past employers, positions held, and duties of employment, such as:

  • Names, start and end dates, and earnings from all employers for the current year and the prior two years
  • Self-employment details for the current year and the prior two years, including business type and total net income
  • Types, dates, and duties of jobs held over the last 15 years prior to becoming disabled

SSA may contact individuals who apply online for additional information as needed. Individuals also will need to turn in or mail originals or certified copies of certain documents as required to the local SSA office.

Navigating the SSDI Claims Process

Once SSA has determined that the applications are complete and the applicants have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI, they forward applications to the state’s Disability Determinations Office for review. That office will consider all medical evidence and contact individuals’ treating physicians in order to make an initial disability determination for each claim. This office sometimes will require individuals to undergo another medical examination by their own doctor or a doctor chosen by the office and will pay for the travel and expenses related to that examination.

Once the office makes a decision on a claim for SSDI benefits, it will send individuals a letter informing them of the decision to either award or deny benefits. Individuals who disagree with that decision they have the right to challenge that decision through a series of appeals.

Consult an Attorney About Greenville SSDI Application Process

Due to the complexities of the Greenville SSDI application process, consulting an experienced SSDI benefits attorney may be an essential step. Getting legal advice may help ensure that you have submitted a complete application with sufficient medical evidence to support your claim. Call today and schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable legal professional.